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Life Blog – Beastie Goes To The Edinburgh Fringe

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Click on the photo to see all the Instagram photos that we all took on the weekend.

Peanut went into proud Mum mode when No1 Son told her he had adapted the book The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe for the stage and that it was to be shown at the Edinburgh Fringe. The book is a classic and made Goethe an international literary celebrity – one of the first in truth! A weekend at the Fringe was deemed appropriate and we went for the August Bank Holiday weekend to give us a bit more time to get to Edinburgh and back.  We decided to inflict a bit of art and culture on RVW and Storm and invited them along for the fun. Top man that he is RVW always signs up without checking the small print when we hatch a scheme so the fact that Edinburgh is a looooong way away never fazed him.

We set off on Friday night and stopped over at my Mum’s in Buckley while RVW and Storm took the Friday off and overnighted in Newcastle. We arranged to meet at a car park in Edinburgh at 11.30 and all of us were there before the due time. RVW managed to park not in the car park but in a private car park next door reserved for prospective buyers in a new apartment complex.  We were worried he would be clamped or the car would be locked in the compound but actually what happened is, he ended up with free parking in the centre of Edinburgh! I think “Jammy Devil” was the phrase that came to our minds!

We were booked to see Werther’s Sorrows at 2, so decided to grab a light lunch at the cafe in the theatre before we watched the performance. Duncan’s adaptation rightly earned a 4 star review  and all four of us enjoyed the performance which had been brought  forward from 1774 when it was first published into the modern era. It was very powerful and a great start to our Fringe experience.

Next stop was to move the cars to the hotel and check in. Now some things and some people are clearly just made for each other, fish and chips, sugar and spice, Laurel and Hardy, Beastie and Peanut but trust me Ray and Tom Tom is not one of these classic pairings. First, instead of putting the hotel postcode into Tom Tom, he puts the plan B car park post code in (the one we would use if the first car park – you know the one he never atually found – was full). Secondly, he then forgets he has the hotel postcode so has to ring for it and then he takes another 3 circuits of Edinburgh to finally reach the hotel. Any longer and I would have struggled with a third lager in the hotel bar! All part of the fun and the rich experience of a weekend away with RVW!

The Elf and Fandango had also made the trip to Edinburgh for the finge a few weeks earlier and so they gave us a few tips on what to do and where to eat. Fandango also put us onto an iPhone App for the Fringe and I have to mention this app. It was a brilliantly designed app, showing what was on where and at what time. It also showed the location of the theatres in relation to where you were and it allowed you to book tickets and get them printed out in a whole host of collection points dotted about the Fringe. No queuing and no hassle, quite simply a smashing app that really enhanced our Fringe experience.

We had an early dinner at Prezzos (recommended by The Elf)  after walking into Edinburgh from the hotel and the food and service was excellent in spite of them being very busy during the Fringe. Next stop was  Sammy J and Randy in The Inheritance which was a good counterpoint to the weighty Sorrows of Young Werther with its silly full on humour! We all chatted about this and Duncan’s offering and  in truth we all enjoyed the weighty Werther experience more. I don’t know if this tells you more about us four or more about the two shows we had seen so far.

Finally, after a long day walking round Edinburgh it was time to walk back to the hotel. Walking mode on Google maps on the iPhone would get us back just fine. Buggar, my phone was out of juice – it would be down to RVW to get us back safe…

Let’s just say we all slept like logs when we finally got home and leave it at that shall we? :)

Click on the photo for a black and white slideshow from the weekend.

Sunday began with a full English at the hotel and then a walk into Edinburgh, checking out the castle, the Royal Mile and the street entertainment.  The fire juggler in the picture kept us amused. We lunched at a cafe in a park and had dinner at The Buffalo Grill where we all enjoyed a steak. Sunday night we watched Moving Melvyn Brown who entertained us with Ray Charles and Sammy Davis songs and it worked for us.

All in all a brilliant weekend and the only black mark on it was the 7 and a half hours it took us on Monday to drive home fighting throught the traffic. If you get the chance to go to the Edinburgh Fringe take it. The city buzzes with the fantastic atmosphere and it really gives you a good feel good factor!


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