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Kevla’s Birthday Bash and a Fun Weekend

Right now my life living with the Big C is just about as normal as it gets. I went back to work straight after my holidays and promptly caught a cold and cough which saw me take Monday off with a Goddamn cold! Anyway all is well now and today I did my first day back on full time hours.

After the weekend, I had no excuse not to if I’m honest as we really packed some fun and hard work into the weekend. Friday night saw us head off to The Forest of Dean for our friend Kev’s 40th birthday. It was a glorious night and the drive there from Malvern is simply stunning and we enjoyed every minute of the trip with the roof down in the Opel. When Kev saw us at the pub he was just stunned and so pleased to see us that he made us feel like Posh and Becks! It was lovely and he really made us feel like we had made his day. As well as Kev another old friend, Andy (PAA100) was there and we had a good old chin wag with Andy as he told us of his forthcoming road trip around Europe. Bloody exciting it sounds and that is the fun of it with Andy – where will our paths cross next, (in truth in Bristol at GrillStock probably) it could be Spain, it could be Finland – anywhere! Great fun though catching up with Kev and Andy. The drive home gave us three fox sightings and a family of wild boar crossing the road. Loved it!

Next day saw us up early and heading to Bicester to see The Elf and Fandango. We got there to the sight of them weed picking on their front drive, so we got out of the car and mucked in.  Next thing we are in the thick of a major back garden makeover as I helped Fandango build some raised beds out of some wooden planks he had got from a builder. I really got stuck in and found I was able to really help even though some of the work was quite physical and it felt fantastic just to be able to get stuck in and lend a hand. Perhaps the biggest help we gave them though was encouragement – you can imagine what I’m like and every time they thought they had had enough I just kept driving them on. The end result though was a fab garden for having a bbq and a jug of Pimms in. So… we had a bbq and a jug of Pimms! Great day.

Saturday night was Eurovision and Sunday afternoon the Monaco GP. Sunday night saw us back home in Malvern having dinner and watching Hot Fuzz with our pals StarGirl and Dealmaker. Awesome weekend.

Malverns Hill Walk confirmed for the 18th August 2012

On the back of this weekend and brimming with confidence because I leaned on a spade for an hour, I have committed myself and Peanut to walk the length of The Malverns Hills on Saturday August the 18th. I would like as many of my pals as can to join me on this to make it a really fun day out on the glorious Malvern Hills.

The walk is not for the faint hearted as it is 11 miles from one end to the other. We have done this twice in the past but let’s be honest that was before I had a bowel resection, 3 months of chemotherapy and two liver resections as part of my fight against the Big C, so I will need to do a bit of training before this walk. We will meet at North Quarry car park, leave some cars there and then head to the south hills to begin the walk, heading back to North Hill. let me know if you want to play, I hope so as it is a big deal to me and gives me a goal to aim for as I work back to full fitness. If you are up for this just let us know!

See you soon xx:)


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