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 It is three weeks today since my liver resection and perhaps it is my impatience but I see little improvement since this time last week when I had the staples taken out from the cut. Bottom line is I still can’t concentrate for long enough to even attempt to read a book and any more than 5 minutes playing on an iPad or iPhone makes me feel sick. The best way to describe it is to say it is like car sickness. My tummy remains very tender, my breathing is still not great and I quickly get puffed out and there is still a fair amount of pain.

On the plus side, last time I had the operation I was able to return to work part time after 36 days and I got upset this morning thinking it was 4 weeks (28 days) since my operation and that there was no way on earth I could even contemplate a return to work say a week on Wednesday but when I checked properly it is still only 3 weeks since the operation so I am perhaps not too far behind the scale of recovery from last time. Another thing that is better is my ability to sit in a car and be driven around. This was absolute torture at this stage last time but this weekend I managed a round trip to Bicester to see The Elf and Fandango and I managed that quite comfortably. The motorways aren’t so bad it is the potholes on the  B roads that get me!

I even managed a light lunch in a Thai restaurant on Saturday which pleased me no end on two counts. First, it was yummy and secondly I managed it with no trouble at all.  My new pain from today is coughing and sneezing which now makes me feel like I will pop and both are really painful.

Fandango gave us some geek toys too which made my day. First a new bumper for my iPhone. not much you might say but the original one would not let the 3.5mm jack plug into it and now this one will, so ITunes music in the car is back on the menu. Wow we forgot how good the iconic Dirty Woman single sounds in a car! Secondly he gave us a neat gadget an infra red repeater. This is great because our TV sound comes through an amp behind a glass screen and we could not change the volume as the  remote could not penetrate the glass doors. Now we can do this. Such a simple thing you might say but  wow when you can’t turn volume down from your remote it is a real pain!

Right gotta go it is siesta time – have fun all! :)


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