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Life Blog – Warning Horror Photo Avoid If Squeamish

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Leave if you are squeamish. Many of you will know I have just had an operation on my liver as part of a fight with The Big C. This is my second liver resection and many of you will have seen the photo of the first one.This is a victory in the campaign and I apologise to those who find this photograph distasteful but it is an integral part of my life and my battle. My treat on Monday is to have everyone of those 45 staples removed!

My first cut was about 2 inches less on the horizontal but this one has 45 rather than 48 staples. From a personal point of view I am disappointed to note that my tummy is more wobbly this time round than the first time round in May 2011! At the bottom is a photo of the first cut for comparison.

I am now 11 days after the operation and my recovery is coming along nicely. The operation was on Monday the 26th March and I came out of hospital on Sunday the 1st April – clearly they were just clearing out all the fools! This was one day more than for the first operation last May. By comparison with the first operation, I am more breathless after this one, yet more mobile and in less pain. The scar is also healing much quicker than the first time round too. The personal 1 on 1 nursing of Mrs P since I have come home has also without doubt doubled the rate of my recovery and such love is both gratifying and humbling but without doubt this is the essence of life – yes Big C is a part of my life now – but  Mrs P will always sideline it. Always.

The anaesthetic and painkillers have had a strong effect on me this time, so don’t think I have been taking it all easy. I can fall asleep for twenty minutes and in that time I can save the world twice! Yes the dreams can be very vivid and at times disturbing, but now I am just on paracetamol, so the world will have to save itself for a while! Concentration though is very low just now too.

Anyway that’s it for now keep smiling, wish me luck and  be brave in the face of these pictures!




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