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Life Blog – Four Days After

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I have been very quiet on the blog for obvious reasons but it has all gone very well. First, I have been quiet because post op my blood pressure has been very low and this has left me very lethargic to say the least. Secondly, I wanted to hear from the surgeon on how it went.

The news from the surgeon is very upbeat and he got it all out with very good margins of safety. He said it was a tricky operation because when my liver regrew from the first opt there were lots of little adhesions where it stuck to my lung. He also said it was a more complete operation this time as he removed more of the centre bits. All I know is that he saw this as a good thing.

Thus far I have had no pain but I am still connected to the epidural so haven’t got out of bed yet. I suspect this is my job for today.



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