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If you follow The Life Blog then you know I’m waiting for a second liver resection and that we had two false starts earlier this week. This is me late Wednesday afternoon back home  and atop the Malvern Hills. We had just found out that the operation had been rescheduled for the 11th April, so the best thing was to plan as much fun into our lives as we could while we waited.  The hills are always a joy and an inspiration so it was good to blow a few cobwebs away up there.

Today then was my second day back in work after the false start and I was happily minding my own business getting stuck into the routine of work and convincing myself of the value of my efforts and the indispensibility of my contribution! Don’t forget Elvis and James Bond are trapped inside this body so is it really that hard to add this delusion to the rest of my delusions?! :)  My phone rang, I grabbed it, made like it was a Walther PPK, slid my hand over the screen like I was removing the safety catch, to answer it. “Aha” I said  with the best curl on my Elvis lip that I could muster…

” Mr Ainsworth?” This wasn’t the dentist. “This is The QE Birmingham,we have a cancellation can you come in for seven on Monday?” Elvis and James buggared off and left just me.

“Er Ok”  and that was that, the operation is this Monday now. So third time lucky then. Anyway, I have a good weekend planned to keep me amused. First off  a special meal tonight – a Waitrose dinner for two, slow cooked pork belly, potato rosti and vegetables, all  washed down with saluti vino rossi. Dessert is after dark chocolate and vanilla cheesecake, so if it doesn’t get all smoochy after that then I’m a Chinaman!

Next is a quick trip to the hairdressers on Saturday morning for my highlights to be done, It’s important to make an effort for these sort of things you know, plus I’ve seen some of the Junior Doctors and well… and er… well – they sure are a pretty lot! :) Then off London ways to catch up with my cousin Lorraine and maybe a bit of a shindig Saturday night, followed by a wander round Brooklands on Sunday for the MINI meet that is going down. Yep, no time to be thinking about this operation then – just bring it on!

So have a good weekend this weekend, I’m going to! :)


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