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Life Blog – The Next Battle Is Delayed

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We got up this morning not knowing the exact details of our battle plan in our war against the Big C.  We knew we had a war to fight and we knew we should have started fighting on Monday but after two days of false starts we had retreated from the front line to recharge our batteries. Two days of reporting for duty only to be sent away because the liver resection had been cancelled is mentally a bit tough.

Peanut though managed a big winning smile first thing and matching it to a bit of sunshine streaming through the window put a better complexion on our day as we prepared to wait for news from the front on when the battle would finally restart.

9.30. the phone rang, Peanut answered. “Can I speak to Mr Ainsworth?” Peanut handed me the phone, with a solemn look that said this was the call we had been waiting for.

 “Mr Ainsworth? You have a dental appointment that we need to reschedule, is the 10th of April ok?”

FLIP! Or words to that effect! A false start then and we hung around the phone some more. Finally about 11.30 the phone call came and  the news from General Liver was that I would report for duty on the 11th April. Could our defences hold out that long before we began our offensive? I was assured that they can, so I put my trust in the General – that is his job!

Tomorrow then I dip my feet back into the real world and go back to work until the operation on Wednesday! I ought to spend the next three weeks in a state of angst waiting for the war to come, but I haven’t got time, there’s work to do, there’s weekends to go out playing and there is Easter. Bring it all on and on the 11th I will go to the front fighting!

Smile like a Peanut and you will have a good day! :)


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