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My liver resection has been cancelled again.

My fight against the Big C is taking a pause. My second liver resection was due yesterday and had to be cancelled due to the operation before me running on. The agony of this delay was my blog for yesterday. I had to report for duty again this morning at the QE hospital at 7 am. I checked in and was kitted in full combat gear ready to fight this buggar with all I’d got but was almost immediately warned that there was a possibility of two liver transplants taking place and that if these took place my operation would be cancelled.  Well quite simply that is what happened.

There was a lady there who was also waiting for a liver operation and she had had her operation cancelled a fortnight ago and rescheduled to today. Her operation was also cancelled and she was very upset about this. I can quite understand her upset as we weren’t over the moon about this ourselves but the bottom line here is that people waiting for liver transplants can’t wait very long, so if both those operations go well then today has been a very good day and my personal frustrations and stress pale into insignificance against the overall picture.

I have to just dig down low in the trenches and wait awhile as the battle unfolds around me. I’ll keep my helmet on and my head well below the top of the trenches. When the order will come for me to report back for duty I do not know, hopefully I will be back for the operation this week or next. Meanwhile both me and Peanut are mentally exhausted by being on full red alert for the last two days, so we are going to use tomorrow to get our breath back, recharge our batteries and generally get our brave faces stitched back on properly. No news tomorrow and I will report back to work Thursday to mark time doing something useful.

This waiting has been very hard on Peanut, my Mum and the rest of my family but as I have said before many times, If there is a hard way of doing something we will find it but importantly we get there in the end! :)


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