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Life Blog – The Day of Waiting

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First – Happy Mother’s Day Mum, hope you have a great day. xxx

 The second liver resection is nearly here now and this time tomorrow I will be en route To The QE in Birmingham to check in at 7am for my Liver operation. I have done what I said I would do and not let it worry me too much but now on the last run in it is starting to fill my head.

 On Friday morning I had my pre op assessment which was all routine stuff, though as usual they struggled to get any blood out of me for the blood samples. The bruises on my arms this time are just epic.


 Friday afternoon was very sobering though. I recently wrote about a friend from the car community who died suddenly as a result of a blood clot, well it was his funeral in the afternoon. We went to pay our respects. It was such a sad, sad thing to happen, words really fail me, I just pray that Nick’s wife to be Helen, drew comfort from her friends who came to show their support, love and respect. Our thoughts go out to Helen. I thought of the poem by Philip Larkin – Church Going.

…marriage, and birth,

And death, and thoughts of these — for whom was built

This special shell? For, though I’ve no idea

What this accoutred frowsty barn is worth,

It pleases me to stand in silence here;A serious house on serious earth it is,

The whole of life was there and at that sad time, in that sad moment I drew some comfort to see the smile of  Don’s new baby Florence.

Full of thought we drove away.

Life is the ultimate rollercoaster and I got home to a parcel and a new watch from Christopher Ward. It came at the right time, just when a change of mood was needed. A lovely watch, an homage to the early Rolex Dive watches  but in truth a lot like an Omega Seamaster. It got me through yesterday a treat though, as I busied myself, reviewing it, photographing it and Videoing it.


Last night I was chatting with Peanut and she was talking of an old Eurovision song contest winner Gigliola Cinquetti  who won in 1964 with Non ho l’età (I’m Not Old Enough). Yep a drop dead gorgeous 16 year old  Italian girl singing about not being old enough… It was always going to win wasn’t it? Eurovision started so well.  This struck a chord with me and I remembered that in 1974 she came second in the contest, to ABBA with Waterloo. Coming second to the beautiful blonde Agnetha Fältskog from Abba, Gigliola’s beauty might have slipped by unnoticed by some, but not by me! Her song Si, was released in England as Go (before you break my heart) and it reached number 8. 14 years old and I bought that single. I loved hearing it again last night.

So dig out an old song today play it, smile with the memory and wish me luck for tomorrow! :)


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