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Life Blog – The Day of Waiting (Part Two)

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Hi All

Just a quick blog with an update. The operation for my liver resection scheduled for today has been cancelled. I now have to report for duty again tomorrow at 7.00 am and have been assured that I am the first to go!

Basically they had a previous cancellation that they squeezed in today before me which unfortunately ran on longer than they anticipated, so they had to cancel my operation. Bearing in mind that I had had no food or drink from Midnight last night, I think I am happier to have the operation tomorrow rather than late today as in truth I was feeling pretty flaky by two thirty when we got told. No-one’s fault, these things happen, but yes being there from 7 in the morning and playing that particular waiting game is a bit hard mentally!

Me and Peanut kind of feel that we usually winout in the end but if there is a hard way of getting there we tend to find it. To explain…

Big C in the bowel – oh Poo! Actually Sir, It’s already jumped to the liver – Bigger Poo!

We can operate on this Sir! Great a result. 10 months later and Poo we need to do the op again!

So a last minute cancellation seems to fit the overall scheme of things.

Conclusion? It is consistent with the bigger plan , therefore it is going to work out fine in the end! :)

Wish me luck for tomorrow, though I know tomorrow is going to be a good day!:)

PS. Got home to find a parcel waiting for me from Peanut’s No1 Son, Dunacn. Some Man Utd Red Devil cufflinks. Fantastic on the back of yesterday’s brilliant 5.0 win over Wolves!


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