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 On February 17th I found out that I needed a second liver resection in my battle against the Big C and it was a sobering day indeed. Since then we have been marking time as the operation on March 19th gets ever closer. The Big C is very intrusive, it tends to get into every corner of your mind if you let it and it can affect your every thought. Other people’s problems can seem trivial and unimportant and there is a danger that you become self centred thinking that the whole world  revolves around you and your battle with the Big C. But then something happens that blows your own problems out of the water…

Last Sunday, a friend of ours Nick Jones whom we got to know as our friend Helen’s Gentle Giant  passed away after developing a heart and lung blood clot. Helen first broke the news on Facebook on February 19th that Nick was extremely poorly and two weeks later he had passed away. Shocking news that has left all his family and friends in complete shock. Me and Peanut like so many, have been left speechless by this news and  keep on thinking about Nick and his partner Helen. Our hearts reach out to Helen and we really feel for her just now. I asked Helen if I could say a few words about Nick on here and of course she said it was fine. Maybe a daft question I don’t know, but you are torn between wanting to say something and yet being scared it might cause upset, but we all have stories about Nick and I just feel like so many that I want to remember mine.

We met Helen through our love of MINIs and the MINI and other car clubs that sprung up on the net. She was a single girl with a sexy car, a girl full of love, waiting for the right guy to come along, someone to love and be loved by, a girl who deserved nothing less. Around June 2008 she met Nick and rumours of romance spread.

“Spill what’s the hot gossip – single to a relationship – who is the lucky guy?” I asked her on Facebook on 1st July 2008.  A somewhat coy Helen answered thus:

“My my, things travel fast on Facebook doesnt it? LOL

Yes I’ve met someone, it’s early days so I’m not spilling too many beans…. but nobody knows him, yet…. so will slowly be introducing him to the ways of the MINI and db lol.”

All who know Nick and Helen, know the rest. Quite simply they were made for each other, love blossomed and with it they both blossomed too and anyone who watched that love develop and grow really, really understands just how sad Nick’s passing really is. We are so, so glad that Nick came into Helen’s life  and brought such bright sunshine into her life but so sad that their time together was so brief. Nick will be in Helen’s heart forever and Helen’s life will always be so much richer for having loved and been loved by Nick. Smile every day Helen, because I think Nick will be watching and looking for that smile. :)


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