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Life Blog – New Year’s Eve 2011

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31/12/2011.  As the year draws to a close  I felt that I wanted to add to The Life Blog and have a quick look back and a look to the future that awaits.

I started the year well into a three month session of chemotherapy, the effects of which I still feel today with numbness in my toes and fingers that are quick to cramp in the cold. My battle against the Big C was very much at the fore of my mind as I underwent that treatment. January then arrived and quickly turned sad with the death of a friend Andy Venn  on the 10th after along battle against Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Many of you will know that Andy was the partner of our good friend Elliot and as the anniversary of his death looms, I grieve for Andy and the pain Elliott still feels. Be brave today Elliott, be brave in January Elliott, there is a world out there that loves you.

February started well with a new arrival in our house, our second cat Alfie who we got from the Worcester Animal Rescue centre. Along with our other bundle of mischief Ola, Alfie brightens our days no end.

March saw me reach the milestone of 51 years young and also finish my chemotherapy.

May and I was in hospital for a week for the big operation on my liver to remove the tumours. Busy month then!

Next stop a clear scan and I got confirmation of that on August the 9th! Since then my life blog has gone a tad quiet as I have been busy trying to pack a bit of fun into our lives, first with a holiday in September and just recently with a week’s holiday in the South of France over Christmas. All good fun, I have to say. As I look back on this year, it has certainly had a few battles in it but in truth I am here at the end of it to tell the tale and I think, you know for me it wasn’t such a bad old year, many will have had worse.

My battle though is not over yet and February will see me have another scan to see if things are all clear. I have appointments with all of my consultants lined up, Generals Bowel and Liver in February and March and my Chemo Gurru in April. I wonder if they are gathering like storm clouds waiting, waiting… hmmmm I hope not.

As I look ahead do I dare to dream? Well I have mapped out some plans, some holidays, some adventures as i think you have to. Toys too, I can dream about, watches such as the Breitling Aerospace and the Bell and Ross Vintage Heritage, cars such as a Porsche cayman S, or a MINI Coupe JCW, or a MINI Countryman JCW, technology too such as a sexy new iMac and of course my NVG glasses for all those adventures in the dark that I could have with my Breitling Aerospace. But all these things are the stuff of small dreams, what I realyy hope for next year, what I really really want is two clear scans, then I can spend my life doing what I love best, journeying side by side with Lady Peanut.

We ended our year with the sun shining as we walked the lovely coastline near Cap Lardier in the south of France on Christmas Day – Peanut’s birthday. May the sun shine on your year ahead. Best wishes to you all for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! xxx



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