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Life Blog – Days 329 – 337 Back to Work & Witley Court

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Sat/Sun 18th and 19th June. A normal weekend because Monday would be a work day and all the better it was for being a normal weekend.

Monday 20th June 2011. Today is 36 days since I had my liver resection and it was my first day back at work.  I went in for the afternoon and did 1 till 5. It was great seeing everyone again and the genuine concern people showed for my well being was a real tonic too. Within an hour it felt like I had never been away and I settled in very quickly. It was in truth a massive tonic for my well being and I felt on top of the world, it is hard to explain the degree of normality the simple act of going to work brings to my life but it really helped a lot.

Tuesday 21st June 2011. My second day and an afternoon stint again. The difference today though was that it really was a pretty much full on day and I left a little later than five with a real feeling of having made a real contribution and being a big help. I went home tired but tired in a good way, a satisfied way and I knew for certain that going back to work was the right thing to do!

Wednesday 22nd June 2011.  A day off to let my batteries recharge and Peanut decided that we should have a small walk on the Malverns. It was fantastic. It is such a simple thing to do but we have done it for so long now that it is a big part of our lives. There is no TV or internet to distract and we find that we have really long chats; silly chats, serious chats, sorting the world out chats and more silly chats and we come away always that little bit closer. This time though, I also came away thinking, “Thank God I’m back in work tomorrow – I will be glad of the rest!”

Thursday 23rd June 2011. Another work day and because I got up with Peanut I was in at 8 and away at 12 and had a small sleep in the afternoon.

Friday 24th June 2011. Work in the morning and away at 12.30 and hello weekend. Wow, I can’t tell you how good the simple pleasure of being in work and looking forward to the weekend is. This felt brilliant. Not only that though, it was pay day too. From work I went to the District Nurses who dressed my wound for me. The main scar has healed nicely but a drain hole that the hospital inserted is taking longer to heal but it is getting there. The tummy still remains very tender, though work is a handy distraction from it. After the nurse, I had a mooch round the shops in Malvern Link and spotted some combat trousers that I fancied, I would have to show these to Lady P!

I hadn’t been in long when Mr RVW, my Lincolnshire pal phoned telling me to put the kettle on!  I was a bit surprised but he was off to see Jaffa Racer a MINI mate for the weekend and so was in this part of the world. It was really good seeing RVW and Storm and their timing was perfect as they could give me a lift to the garage down the road where the Opel GT was being serviced and MOT’d.  The weekend was now off to a great start and it got even better because the Opel passed its MOT without any hiccups!

Saturday 25th June 2011. Peanut was working in the morning and I took her to work and then went into Worcester  to collect a 3D Blue Ray DVD player to go with the new TV. We had bought a 3D flatscreen TV but hadn’t thought that we need a 3D DVD player to watch any movies on it! Anyway problem rectified and I went back to collect Peanut from work at 12. We headed to Malvern Link where I showed her the combats that I fancied.

Now you have to understand that here at Beastie Folly we do work quite hard at distancing ourselves from reality. Don’t get me wrong reality can be great fun but equally I don’t feel that I have to worship at its church on a daily basis. I’m not a great political animal but one of the few things I remember about John Major’s time in office was his “Safe Haven” plan for Kurdish refugees. He created a safe zone for them and in so doing “safe haven” became quite a buzz phrase in the world of politics at the time.  I thought about this and what it meant and concluded that really, that is what we all do in life. We find ourselves a home, pretty much  like birds make a nest in a safe area, where we feel protected from the troubles of the world. Beastie Folly is our safe haven and we do our best to keep reality firmly outside of the front door. Inside we can get on with the serious business of being crackers. One example I guess, is that each week we have a different car on our want list. Lately it has been a MINI GP  but there is a new kid on the block – a Jeep Patriot. We love them, we read reviews on them and the more often we read about it being a bit average or a bit plasticky on the inside and so on, the more we want one! Well obviously, reality has sneaked into Beastie Folly through the letter box and said that we can’t have one. Fair enough 1-0 to reality. However, if we had a Jeep Patriot combat trousers would really suit its military look methinks. Peanut agrees and wants some too, so when I tried mine on, they looked good and the deal was done. That’s an equaliser in my book so we are now 1 – 1 with reality!

Do you understand our reality now? We want combat trousers because we want a Jeep Patriot that we can’t have!


Sunday 27th June 2011. Witley Court. Dealmaker had texted us on Saturday inviting us to join them for a picnic at Witley Court. Witley Court burnt down in the 1930s and is now a very impressive ruin but with some marvellous fountains that have been restored. You can read up about Witley Court here. Peanut has wanted to go there for the last ten years but we have never got around to it so we jumped at the chance.

Quite simply we had a fantastic day out with the great company of Dealmaker and StarGirl, a smashing picnic, glorious weather and in Witley Court a wonderful place to spend the day. The fountains are splendid, the grounds beautiful and the teashop a cracker. It will definitely not be ten years before we visit again. That’s all for now so bye till the next time and please click on the photograph for a slideshow of photographs from the day.


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