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Life Blog – Days 327/328 Fun Friday

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Thursday16th June 2011. Peanut was at work today and my Mum and Anthony left to head back to their home in Buckley at about 10.30 which left me home alone and to be honest it was all a bit boring.

Friday 17th June 2011.  I thought today was going to be as dull as Thursday so i resigned myself to a heavy session in front of the tele. Sherlock Holmes, Ironside and Poirot filled the morning and to be fair they were all good episodes. The Holmes episode was “The Six Napoleons” and this interested me because the scenes of the factory which made the Napoleonic busts were filmed in my old clothing factory, from a former life that now seems so many, many years ago. Still it took me back to Manchester as did the scenes filmed at the gates of Strangeways prison which I used to drive past every day (and no I wasn’t visiting family). Good old Ironside was an episode all about racial tension and it was kind of interesting to think back to the times when it was made (late sixties early seventies) and to see how it was trying to make a social comment about the issues of the times. Finally Poirot celebrating Christmas with a good old murder and a wonderfully inventive Christie plot involving balloons and long bits of string to fool people about the time of the murder.

Peanut’s son Dunc noted from Facebook that I had watched these and asked me to “rank the three ‘tecs in terms of their respective performances (and ideally as if they were cars).” Well I have to confess he got me thinking ( something I have done little of since I have been off work) and I quite enjoyed pondering on this. I decided as follows “Hard one Dunc,  Poirot is very methodical and doesn’t rush, he is a Rolls Royce Detective, Holmes too is a deep thinker but more game for action, not easy this but a well equipped Grand Tourer hmmm, Bentley Continental GT methinks. Ironside although confined to a wheelchair is the grittiest pushing his team into a fight quite often, so he is four wheel drive, Jeep or Hummer. The order… Bentley, Rolls Royce, Hummer!”

Already the day had more about it than the previous one but there was more. Just before the end of Poirot Postie dropped some letters onto the mat and one was a Red Letter Day for me, for a Single Seater Experience at Silverstone! This was a gift from all my mates at Exception PCB where I work and I was bowled over by this! What a brilliant precursor to the weekend! My son-in-law Driverman has already done this and we went to photograph it so I know what a brilliant RED Letter Day this is!

You will notice that suddenly the weekend has taken on a great significance. This is because I am back to work part time from Monday, so the weekends are not just more days like before but now have definition again and can be savoured as precious leisure days! I am looking forward to going back to work now not just because of the sense of normality it brings back to my life but also because now I have something to look forward to on a day when I wont be working!

Finally, finally as if today hasn’t been brill enough already, Ola sat on my lap for the best part of an hour this afternoon. Lady P will be so jealous!


Just to get Lady P jealous!



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