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Life Blog – Days 319 – 326 Getting Better

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Wednesday 8th, Thursday 9th June 2011 were just slow days of doing very little and feeling very tender but enjoying the company of Peanut who was off for the week to keep an eye on me.

Friday 10th June 2011. This was a fun day because we filled it with simple but enjoyable things. In the morning we did a shop at Waitrose and then in the afternoon we bought some annuals for the garden and planted them out. Well in truth Peanut planted while I supervised from a chair on the sidelines. I am getting frustrated at how slowly things are improving but really I should remember I only had the operation on my liver on the 16th May so  it isn’t even a month yet!

The supervising is going well!

Saturday and Sunday, 11th/12th June 2011. The Elf and her husband Driverman came over for the weekend which was great fun for us and gave us some welcome company. Unfortunately I really wasn’y very mobile and there was a fair bit of pain in my tummy but their company was a good distraction from this and we all enjoyed a nice roast on Saturday evening and a big fry up Sunday morning. Yum yum and all very good. They left in time to be home to watch the Canadian Grand Prix which we also watched and like most of the rest of the nation loved Button’s fantastic drive to win the race. Fantastic and well done Jenson. Hopefully Hamilton will learn from the race and bounce back to great things for the rest of the season! The day though very definitely belonged to Button. Having just watched the Senna movie I have to say that if Button’s win had been part of a movie you would say it was too far fetched to be for real but no after pinching myself it was real and the moment when his pressure on Vettel paid off as he pushed him into making a mistake, allowing Button to take the lead, was truly a moment to savour!

Mum and Anthony

Monday 13th June 2011. As one pair of visitors leave another arrives as my Mum and Anthony drove down from Buckley today to stay for a few days. It was good to see them but I confess I did take an early opportunity to bore them with loads of my photographs on the new TV. It really does showcase them well and to be fair they made a heroic attempt to watch them and Anthony did ten minutes before falling asleep!

Tuesday 14th June 2011. Today we had a walk around Malvern. Mum and Anthony are at an age where they walk very slowly which usually frustrates the life out of my impatient soul but today their pace was perfect for me. It really did me good and in truth I think I have been on the lazy side so far, as walking has been so painful that I have become a couched potato. A week after the operation I had it in my mind that I would be able to go back to work on the 20th June, just over a month after the operation. However, with my recovery seeming to stall that was looking increasingly like a remote hope. Today though the walking seemed to help and I began to feel that actually I need the discipline of going to work to help me get over the operation.

While wandering around Malvern we found a great shoe shop. Lady P loves shoes (don’t all girls?) and I must admit that I like to see her in pretty shoes. Well let’s say a pair spoke to us both, so they had to be bought!

Saw these and had to spoil Lady P

Wednesday 15th June 2011. Today I went to the Doctors who gave me a good checking over and we both agreed that a phased return to work from Monday 20th would be the best way ahead. She was very pleased with how I looked and my progress and I felt very pleased that things were going the way I had hoped when I first came out of hospital. I felt very pleased indeed.


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