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Life Blog – Days 311 – 318 The Healing Slows

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Tuesday 31/05/2011. A friend of ours Seth had pointed me at a cracking deal for an iPhone so we got up and headed for Worcester to get one. It was lovely to get out of the house and walking about. the walk thoughfrom the car park to the shops was quite a long one and I was quite slow doing this. Anyway we went straight to the shop and did the deal which was just as Seth had said. We were delighted and at last I could join the modern connected world properly. This had taken half an hour and Peanut had paid for two hours parking so we decided to have a wallk about the shops. The Sony centre beckoned and a lovely 46″ 3D flatscreen jobbie called to us. I needed a sit down so we sat on a comfy sofa and watched a 3D demo. The water floating above my head and the fish swimming around in the store really impressed and for once the fish hooked the man rather than the other way round. The deed was done with delivery arranged for the following Monday!  We still had 45 minutes left on the parking but decided we had better head for home before something else tempted us.

Actually we did not go home but went to my works to say hello to everyone. There is a joke about the Expediting team who I work closely with, as they are always busy and always rushing around at 100 mph and it gets under your skin. Just being there and my walking got quicker and before i knew it peanut was struggling to keep up with me as I started to dash around saying hello to people. It was lovely to see everyone again but we did not stay too long as they are a busy gang! Quite a busy day then.

Wednesday and Thursday 1st and 2nd June. Peanut was back in work and it was the first time I was on my own. To keep myself busy I decided to get stuck into the BeastWatch Magazine which I like to do quarterly. It certainly kept me busy but after the two days it was done and I uploaded it so if watches are your thing please take a look at it here! Great fun to do and I was pleased with the results. However, the downside was i spent too long sitting down and my war wounds from the liver operation  felt very sore. Scar tissue is growing inside and creating a lump on my tum below my ribs and this is very uncomfortable. My walking has slowed again and I was finding it hard to stand fully upright and I am looking a bit hunched.

Friday 3rd June. The magazine was done and I realised I needed an easier day so I took things very easy today but did walk to the nearby garage in the sunshine and treated myself to a Feast icecream! Yum yum it was good! One thing that I have learned from my battle with the Big C over the last year is to take pleasure from the simple things in life, savouring each precious moment, or in this case bite!

Sat 4th June. Another simple day but this time peanut was back in town. having spent so much time together lately, I had really missed her the last 3 days so it was great having her around again. the nurses came in the morning and redressed my op wound and reassured me that nothing was amiss with the lumpiness along the top of the scar etc.

In the afternoon Peanut washed the car ready for the Bristol Mini Day on Sunday that we were going to and after this we had a BBQ in the garden. All very good fun but at the same time my mobility has not been improving and my tummy has been feeling very sore. A new problem too has been breathing. Trapped wind is common after a liver operation and I was getting a sharp stabbing pain every time I breathed deeply, which frankly was quite demoralising.

Sun 5th June. Bristol Mini Day so we were up early and set off in the pouring rain! When we got there it was, yep, pouring with rain we stuck it out till just after 12 and then retired for a wander around the shops at Cribb’s Causeway, which sadly I have to say I am not a great fan of. Anyway you can read about our Bristol Mini Day here if you wish. Of course, since Tuesday I have had an iPhone so by now I am obviously the world’s greatest expert on the phone and I love it. My new big hobby is iPhoneography and again you can read about my conversion to this religion in a separate blog which I have done here! Yep I am having a lot of fun with the iPhone which clearly is so much more than just a phone!

Monday 6th June. Well we had just about got showered and dressed when the new televion arrived so the day was given over to playing with this. Once the engineers had finished setting up we set about connecting it to our home network as the TV came  wireless enabled ready for this. After a bit of searching around we found some third party software from Twonky which facilitated this and the result is probably one of the features that I like best of all about the TV. I can view my photographs that are stored on my Macs on the TV and although I say this myself they look simply stunning displayed there. Next week my Mum is coming for a few days and I almost feel sorry for her already, as I know I will make her look at loads of my photographs this way! Oh and the pictureon the TV  isn’t bad eiher!

Tuesday 7th June. Today was another busy day as in the evening we were going to see Senna with some mates in Birmingham. We decided to make a day of it and have a wander around Merry Hill shopping centre in the afternoon.

First though, we had a small job at home. before the TV we had been watching Freeview via a set top box on our old TV. This was now spare so we fitted it to our TV upstairs. It works a treat and we now have all the Freeview channels on our ancient Amstrad TV in our den. The picture quality by the way is stunning and we both feel very pleased with the results.

Meanwhile the scarring in my tummy was still troubling me and I feel very slow when moving around. the drive to Birmingham in the afternoon was fine on the motorway but my tummy did not appreciate the bouncing around it got on the A and B roads. Like Cribbs causeway, merry Hill shopping centre failed to impress and in truth I feel it is starting to look a bit tired in places and neither of us were fans. We would much rather head to Solihull for an afternoon’s shopping than either of these shopping centres. However parked in the mall was a Jeep Patriot 4 wheel drive jobbie and we were both impressed by this. we liked its chunkie military looks and prurposeful looking interior. In fact we were rather smitten so i think we will have to test drive one. Of course the reviews talk about cheap plastic interiors and the general averageness of the motor, but it looked good to us both inside and outside. Oh the fun of adding to my dreams!

Senna. Well a gang of 8 of us went to see it and not one of us was disappointed. I wont try to review the film I will simply say that it is well worth going to see whether you are an F1 fan or not.

Not a bad week at all then, some new toys and a few good days out – I’m a lucky, lucky man, but pervading through it all has been a sore tum, some laboured breathing and a struggle to walk far or quickly. It will improve but right now it all feels a bit slow. To make it all worse I feel a cold threatening as I have been sneezing a bit and trust me sneezing for me is very, very painful on the old tum!

Anyway keep smiling – I am – and bye for now!


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