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Life Blog – Days 308 – 310 The Blue Peter Beastie

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Saturday 28th May 2011. A day to gloss over. My recovery continues but my beloved Manchester United were played off the park by a simply astounding Barcelona team which truly deserved their victory in the Champions League Final. Well done Barcelona!

Sunday 29th May 2011. Two things about today. First, I have had a stitch in my side and a very upset tummy and these have made me pretty darned fed up all day – it has been a day of pain to be honest. Second, for a little while I have been hankering after an iPhone but today I discovered Instagram and now I want one even more!

Peanut was at work today so my sore tummy felt even worse without my fave nurse to tend to my needs. Peanut has been off work with me since I have been out of hospital and  as lovely as it has been I had not realised just how much better she made my life over these days of recovery. This first day without her brought it home to me very quickly. Peanut has been simply brilliant in taking care of me. Something else I have to say too. Peanut has been worrying about me for a long time now and the strain was showing in her face and she often looked tired. Since the success of the operation she has changed dramatically, her whole demeanour and looks  tell me that she really feels that things are looking up. Quite simply Lady Peanut looks radiant and if I sound mushy, I make no apologies.  Mrs P has been through the grindstone of late and it now makes me so happy to see her shining, radiant and beautiful, all full of happy bounce!


Peanut The Skydiver - Instagram

My sore tummy curtailed a lot of my activities today and I spent the day on the couch net browsing and watching the Monaco GP and wishing I was in Monaco too! While browsing I discovered Instagram. This is a photo sharing social network which integrates beautifully with the likes of Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. It is designed for the iPhone and basically you take a pic with your phone, apply a cool looking filter to the pic and then share it on your social networks. The process works perfectly and quickly and you can take a pic and share it in seconds. I love it, all I need now is an iPhone!

Monday 30th May 2011. The day began wet and miserable and it has not improved as the day has gone on. Perhaps then it is no bad thing then that the highlight of the day for me is having the 48 staples holding my tummy together removed. Well the nurses have just left and to be honest it was pretty painless having the staples taken out. However, the wound has gaped in one or two places though the nurses have assured me it is fine and nothing to worry about. They have pulled the gaps together again with a few bits of sticky back plastic. Yep it is official I am now a Blue Peter Beastie held together by Sticky Back plastic! :mad:

That’s all for now – Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday! :)


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