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Life Blog – Days 304 -307 Warning Horror Photograph – Avoid if Squeamish.

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Sunday 22nd to Friday 27th May.  Patience is the name of the game now as I wait to get fitter and stronger and bit by bit that is happening. Monday saw Chris’s Mum Brenda return home to Ashford after doing some sterling work supporting Peanut while I was in hospital.

Monday 23rd May 2011.Monday evening saw Anne and Gordon my bosses from work pay a very kind visit to see me. They brought a simply humongous bunch of flowers from the staff at Exception which added lots of colour to our living room. They were amazed to see me stood at the door to welcome them and I felt really pleased about that and it was good to be fit enough to receive visitors and have a bit of normality return to our lives.

Tuesday 24th May 2011.Tuesday was a techie day. Since the first update of the software on our iPad it has been intermittent and patchy with the WiFi on our home connection. Everywhere else perfect but at home, where we use it most it was poor so we decided to get to the bottom of this. I put Peanut on the case and she googled about and we discovered that the iPad often doesn’t like it if the software on a router is not bang up to date. Previous searches we had done had been looking at issues with the iPad so this was a  breakthrough. We updated the software on our Netgear router (a fraught and stressful experience but we got there in the end) and voila a lightning quick iPad on our Home Router. We were pathetically chuffed and since then the iPad hasn’t been out of either my or Peanut’s hands.

Wednesday 25th May 2011. Good friends of ours Rose, John and their daughter Sophie came round in the evening and Peanut served her Cottage Pie which was delicious. My appetite is pretty normal now and I was able to do it the justice it deserved. We had a lovely evening and proud Beastie made them watch the video of Peanut’s Sky Dive on the TV. Damn I don’t know how I let Anne and Gordon getway without having that inflicted upon them on Monday!

Thursday 26th May 2011. We awoke to a rainy day so I hatched a plan for a bit of nest loving. The Thai restaurant behind our house burned down last year and finally the outside has been renovated and all the scaffold taken down. This had left the back of our house dusty and webby particularly as the scaffold had caused a lot of shade. I despatched Peanut outside to hose that side of our house cleaning off all the dust and the webs. While I am not fit for work yet, I am without doubt capable of doing a Supervisor’s job so naturally I was outside to oversee the operation with my raincoat and brolly, gleefully pointing out any bits she had missed.

I then spent the afternoon telling Peanut how gorgeous and radiant she is looking despite being drenched all morning and I am now happy to report that Divorce proceedings have not been instigated!

Friday 27th May 2011. While my recovery continues to progress with pace it is not without pain. 48 staples in my tummy see to that so it is still quite tender. There is a saying that a worry shared is a worry halved and so I decided to see if it was the same with pain. To this end I had a shower and cleaned up my wound and decided to photograph it for posterity and to share with you lot! It’s not pretty so if you are squeamish look away now!

Well the instant I decided to share my pain, I felt even stronger so went to Waitrose with Peanut to er… supervise our shopping trip! I was slow walking and enjoyed holding up the traffic in the Waitrose car park as I sauntered through it (God I am going to be so like Victor Meldrew when I get older). The afternoon saw a visit from another of our good friends Linda. Everytime she visits Malvern she gets a hankering to move here so she needs to be very careful visiting me as I love spending other people’s money and I’ll have her moved in a shot if she is not careful!

Good luck Man U for tonight bye for now!


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