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Life Blog – 264 – 273 Battle Plans

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We have enjoyed some gorgeous weather  the last few weeks and we have taken full advantage of it as we wait for the next stage in our battle with the Big C.

Wednesday 13th April to Saturday 16th April 2011. A calm period in our battle. the scans were good and a feeling of lightheartedness  existed in the Beastie household and we just enjoyed the feeling.

Sunday 17th April 2011. The weather was gorgeous so we invited our mates StarGirl and dealmaker to come over for a picnic. We went to Golden Valley in Castlemorton and had a picnic by the mill pond. It was idyllic and we topped it off with a three mile walk around the Malverns. We went to the top of Midsomer Hill and back down through some woods which will be covered in bluebells by now. It really was a lovely day and the walk and picnic were the perfect thing to do with great company!

Monday 18th April 2011. Back to the battle and news from the Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham today. They rang and arranged for me to see them at 11.30 on Tuesday after Easter! Gulp! Battle plans are being drawn and I would think it wont be long after that that they have me in hospital for the liver operation. Of course the consultation could throw another surprise at me but I wont be dwelling on that. The Hickman line is still in  y chest and this could do with removing now.


Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th April 2011. Work days but good work days and I went round getting donations from work mates for Peanut’s Sky Dive on May 7th and got well over two hundred pounds pledged. Well done guys and thanks for supporting her! It is not too late for donations by the way, just follow this link…



The hospital at Worcester rang me in work too on Wednesday and asked me to report at 10am on Thursday to have my Hickman line removed!

Thursday 21st April 2011. Finally my Hickman line came out and it was great to see it go though my chest is a little sore now and I have one stitch which has to be removed next week. We celebrated with a Thursday evening barbecue in the garden to open up the Eater weekend celebrations before my appointment at Birmigham on Tuesday.

Speak again after Tuesday :)


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