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Life Blog – 253 – 263 A Small Victory

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This period has been very much about the battle against the Big C, which has once more been very much in the forefront of our minds.

Sat 2nd/ Sun 3rd / Mon 4th April 2011.  The main event here was an MRI scan on Monday afternoon which went well enough. We were told the results would be written up that day so we went straight across to the chemo suite and got a consultation for Tuesday at 11 about the scan results.

Tuesday 5th April 2011. While the scan was no big deal learning about its results was and we were very anxious waiting for this. However, it was an anticlimax as the consultant still did not have the results. All that worry for nothing! However, he did mention that the CT scan was booked for Monday and this was news to us as we had not received a letter advising us of this, so it was a good job we did see him. He also arranged to see us the Wednesday after the CT scan to discuss the results so that was good too.

Wednesday 6th – Monday 11th April 2011. Whatever we did apart from work has been forgotten as to be honest we were very preoccupied with waiting for this scan and the results. Peanut also heard from the consultant who advised that he would now see us on the Tuesday and not the Wednesday, so we would have less time to wait.

The scan on Monday was all very routine and that just left us to wait to the next day for the results.

Tuesday 12th April 2011. The day came and we spent the morning lazing about the house and reading. Finally the time came to set off for the hospital and I could sense the tension in Peanut and my own unease. The bottom line is that the news could in fact be very bad indeed if things have not gone to plan and thoughts which had always been at the back of our minds were now firmly planted in the front!

We waited an absolute age in the waiting room before finally being called in. Then we waited a further five minutes in his room. We touched little fingers and locked them together for luck.

Finally he breezed in, “Well I have the results of both scans and it’s good news, the tumours have shrunk.” The waiting was over and it was all ok! To be honest I can’t remember all the details but one tumour had shrunk to 1.8cm and the other had been so zapped that it had split into two smaller ones. It was all very positive so he was referring me to the Queen Elizabeth in Birmigham for an urgent consultation to prepare for liver surgery.

The Chemo campaign had been a success, its mission had been accomplished and the way was now prepared for the next stage in this campaign, a direct assault on the enemy entrenched in the liver. Three months of chemo shock and awe has weakened the enemy and now  a full on assault will be launched to completely remove the enemy from my liver!

A small victory in a tough campaign, but we left the hospital smiling and then I gritted my teeth, war is hard but I feel ready for this war and ready for the pain that liver surgery will bring, because also there is just a chance, just a chance that it might also bring victory! :)

Enough of that, come on Man United make my day by beating Chelsea tonight! :)


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