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Life Blog – 241 – 252 On The Road Again

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Monday 21/03/2011 – Friday 25/03/2011. Work and TV, ’nuff said.

Saturday 26/03/2011 – Sunday 27/03/2011. The Elf and Driverman had bought us tickets to see the Scouse comedian John Bishop in Bournemouth. This was a surprise Christmas present and finally the weekend had come to go and see him.

Meanwhile on the Christopher Ward watch forum a pub meet was being organised for Watchonistas to bring their watches along for others to see. It so happened that this was on the same Saturday as John Bishop was on in Bournemouth but at a pub in Winchester. Now Winchester is en route to Bournemouth for us and as the meet was in a pub called Bishop on the Bridge, we had to make it a Bishop weekend and go to the pub too!


Picture courtesy of Ian Blyth Christopher Ward Forum.


It was an amazing site as everyone got their watches on the table. I had brought five along and in truth I brought the fewest watches of everyone there! There were hundreds of watches! My favourite was one that has been on my hit list for a long time a Christopher Ward C70 Rosso Corsa!


Christopher Ward C70 Rosso Corsa

This watch really was stunning in the flesh and so much better than in all the photos of it that I have seen thus far! I really do need a lottery win!

Next stop was Bournemouth! The Elf had booked us into the Charlesworth, which proved to be an excellent choice as it was right in the centre of things, close to restaurants and within easy walking distance of the B.I.C. centre where John Bishop was appearing!

After checking in we all had tea and coffee and catched up on the F1 qualifying. Peanut booked us a table at a nearby Italian restaurant and at six we headed there for a meal before the show. The meal was excellent. Good food, great company but slightly slow service as they were very busy. The show was excellent too. Supporting Man United, I am by nature not a lover of anything Scouse but for John Bishop I will make an exception, he is very funny and a brilliant night was had by all!

Sunday morning saw us watching the F1 in bed followed by an excellent full English breakfast at the hotel and then a walk along the beach and around the shops to walk it off!

A fab weekend. Thanks again to the Elf and Driverman for organising it!



Monday 28/03/2011 – Tuesday 29/03/2011. Monday was a back to work day and apart from that had little of noteworthiness about it. Tuesday however, was a little different. Peanut had been chasing at the hospital for my MRI scan which was conspicuous by its absence from our calendar. I had a hospital appointment at 1.30 about my eyes anyway and at 9.30 Peanut phoned me at work to tell me that at 12.30 I was also seeing the Chemo Gurru for a quick consultation!

Basically we had a chat about the missing MRI scan and this perturbed the Chemo Gurru quite a bit who immediately put the wheels in motion to get the scan done asap!. Wednesday night and a letter was on the mat at home confirming the scan for Monday the 4th April at 3.25! Put simply thye Phoney War is coming to an end and the next front in the war against the Big C is about to open. The scan is fairly straight forward – no pain so no worries but the result is a different matter and I will be  worried going to that consultation!

Wednesday 30/03/2011 – Friday 01/04/2011. Wednesday and Thursday are all about work (which is fine btw) and TV, specifically Pie in The Sky and the new Midsomer Murders which I rather like… er especially Mrs Barnaby. Last night was Pie in The Sky, Sherlock Holmes and Monroe which as well as James Nesbitt has the rather lovely Sarah Parish in it!

Clearly I am becoming a TV junkie at the moment and am rather enjoying it. The alternative is to read up on all the Drama Queens posting on Facebook at the moment with their mysterious posts such as “OMG It couldn’t get worse dot dot dot” which makes you either ignore it or post, “Why what’s happened Willy Billy?” and then you are sucked in! No if you can’t tell the story from the beginning then I am sticking with Monroe, Sherlock and a better class of Pie in the Sky!

Cheers – thanks for stopping by – see you soon xx :)


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