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Life Blog – 234-240 Lamborghini Dreams

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Tuesday 15/03/2011 – Friday 18/03/2011. These were normal run of the mill work days, broken up only by a Friday morning visit to the Nurse so she could once again flush my Hickman line and change the bandage. It did mean that I was very busy on Friday when I got back to work after it though.

I didn’t mind the busy day on Friday however,  as it was  my last day for a whole week as I had booked a week off for some rest and relaxation!

Saturday 19/03/2011. Carl aka Driverman was having a Driving Experience day at Silverstone, doing three laps of the track in a Lamborghini. It sounded fun so we went along to give a bit of support and shoot a few photographs. We arrived at The Elf’s in Bicester at 12 and after a cup of tea we headed over to Silverstone.

A little bit of a lack of communication meant we arrived very early which meant we did a fair bit of standing around but it wasn’t a problem as there was a few things to see and we had lunch in the Welcome Centre. It has to be said the service was  way off being slick but never mind, it kept the hunger away – let’s leave it at that.

Because it was the weekend it was very busy and for me the overiding impression I was left with was that it was all geared towards parting people from their money. Perhaps I expect too much for my money, but it felt like a production line rather than a special treat for Driverman but hey ho perhaps that’s just me getting old.

Soon enough Carl was called to have his turn and suddenly the waiting and hanging around was forgotten and a big boyish smile spread across his face as he sat in the driving seat and listened to a few last minute instructions. Check out his grin here!

Last Minute instructions

Soon enough he was off and he loved it. Previously he had had a single seater day which for us as observers was excellent as we had good viewing platforms and could get great pictures.  From Driverman’s point of view though this was much better! As spectators though we could not get much in the way of photos as we were shooting from just one embankment staring through a very high wire fence, so the single seater experience was a better spectacle. At the end of the day though it is all about the driver and he loved it and that is what counts!

Sunday 20/03/2011. Sunday was something of an anticlimax after Lambo day and we just lazed about at home doing frankly not very much. What was nice though was that there was no work the next day!

Waking the Dead was good and a tad scary too.

Monday and Tuesday were largely given over to nest building as we spent most of Monday tidying up the front garden and Tuesday doing the back garden. Very satisfying work though as a few hours work puts the gardens back to shape and you can really see the difference the hard work made. Monday night saw us watching the Conclusion of the Waking the Dead two parter! Scary!

After we had taken the rubbish to the tip on Tuesday we even managed a walk on the Malvern Hills. Our usual walk starts  just behind our house as we cross the road and begin a very steep initial climb. At the end of this first steep bit are some steps which mark the hardest point of the ascent and a picture of these steps has made it as our Picture of The Week for this week!

Time now to rediscover Memory Lane. I was chatting on the phone with MINIsoopercooper from the Severns MINI club this week. he was feeling somewhat triumphant after fitting a replacement power steering pump on his MINI (Spike).  However, it put in my mind some of the great events we have done with the Severns and my mind went back to September 2010 when The Severns Went Camping in Seend in Wiltshire. It was as always a fun weekend and I hope to get some more camping in at some point this year!

That’s all for now take care and remember smiling not only improves your looks but it is good for you too, so it’s tara for now from this grinning monkey! :)


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