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Life Blog – 229-233 Birthday Boy

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Thursday 10/03/2011 to Monday 14/03/2011.  Life is settling to a real routine and in truth that is why I am blogging a bit less. There is a feeling of normality about life, which at the moment is only interrupted by reality on little occasions. One is on Fridays when I go to the Health Centre for the nurse to flush my Hickman line and rebandage it. The other time that reality comes along to interrupt my phoney reality is when I undress for bed and I am confronted with the Hickman line sticking out of my chest!

Peanut’s Mum has recently been in the wars as she had two days in hospital while they did a small operation to fix an aneurism which she had developed. Might have only been two days in hospital but make no mistake the operation was a vital lifesaver. So On Saturday the 12th we went to Ashford in Kent to see how Brenda was getting on. Still sore but on the right road to recovery!

We stayed overnight and watched the live FA Cup match between Man United and Arsenal on TV. I actually saw encouraging signs as it was the first time I had watched United and actually thought they played well. The way I saw it Arsenal could have tried all night to dribble the ball into the net and they would never have got past Smalling and Vidic! 2-0 to United Whoop whoop! :D

Peanut then cooked a roast chicken dinner for the three of us which was a big success and the most Brenda had eaten since her operation!

Sunday was a lazy morning and a cooked breakfast and after chicken sandwiches for lunch we tackled the 3 and a half hour drive home!

The evening saw us watch Waking The Dead – a first for both of us and we really enjoyed it though for me I found it quite intense and I was on the edge of my seat a lot! Still it prepared me well for the final episode of the poorly rated and now kyboshed Outcasts! Yay I have it on good authority that me and peanut are the only people in the country who actually watched every episode of this series!

Monday 14/03/2011. This was my birthday – 51 years young! I went to work as normal and took cakes in for everyone in our office. I think I’m supposed to give warning that it was my birthday but ho um I didn’t – guess that’s a me thing! I had already had my presents, some Opel GT driving gloves, which Mum paid for with some money she sent me for my birthday ( fanks Mum, they are brilliant); an Opel GT umbrella from Peanut (so I don’t get rain on my gayboy poncy streaked but lookin’ good hair!) fanks P; and the superb watch Montage from the Elf – just awesome and in case you missed it, here it is again!

Picture of The Week 7 - Time Pieces

I also got some cool cards and people had gone to a lot of trouble  with them. Mum had even found a card with a watch on, while Unle Roy and Brenda had got me cards with cool cars on! A grinning Monkey card was fun too and Pat and Harry sent me a lovely message in their card!

We didn’t do anything special to celebrate my birthday, though Peanut made us a very tasy cottage pie which we shared. Me likes Mrs P’s cottage pies! :)

Then I remebered that me ole mate Ray had given me a birthday present too. He gave it me ages ago and I kept it for my birthday knowing I would probably have nothing to open on my actual birthday otherwise. Peanut fetched it from the attic and I opened it with trembling hands full of anticipation.

The box opened and I stared inside. A revelation of joy and wonderment hit me as I realised that my life was perfect!  I looked at Ray’s gift and realised that quite simply I have everything a man could want in life! I must have as this was very definitely a gift you buy for “the man who has everything!”

RVW and Storm had bought me a rather groovy Henry desk hoover! Brilliant and now all the words of nonsense that fall off my blog and on to my desk can be hoovered away by Henry! No more Frostie flakes on my desk or Weetabix crumbs. Sugar granules – gone! Since I got my Henry I even found my pen on my desk too! Awesome! :)

All in all a great birthday and in truth I only paused for reflection for a short while. I was 50 when the fight against the Big C began and now we take the battle into another year  as I fight it at the age of 51. Where will I be at 52 I pondered. God knows but if I have my way there will be a Peanut, watches and cars involved! :lol:;):D


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