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Life Blog – 222 – 228 Marking Time

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The Chemotherapy is behind me and this is a little halcyon period marking time as I get stronger and fitter every day and wait for the scan appointments to come through. In truth then this is more a personal diary of what I have been up to, as there is no news from the war front. It is what I have called before part of the “Phoney War.”

Thursday 03/03/2011. A work day, an ordinary day and a day that has nothing about it worth recording so that is ok then.

Friday 04/03/2011. The day began with a trip to the Health centre so they could flush my Hickman line and change the bandage on it. This gave me a shorter but extremely busy day in work. However, this made the day fly by and all too soon it was evening and time for weekend fun.

We were off to Bicester to see Carl and Amelia and have a little spend in Debenhams and managed to get away at about five so arrived at about half six. We had a fun night with the Elf and Driverman and all shared a KFC with coleslaw but with a portion of real chips from the chippy! Very nice indeed.

Saturday 05/03/2011. We all got up at a reasonable time and headed for Debenhams in Banbury. They had a big sale and Peanut was due a treat so a big spend was called for. This was hard work for the boys as it meant we were in Debenhams until gone two in the afternoon! Peanut came away with two tops some jeans and a pair of jeggings. Also a rather groovy frying pan which incidentally she also looks good in. Total cost £158 but after sale and staff reductions it came to £92, so all in all  a good saving.  On reflection though in truth £92 was still more than enough to pay for what we actually came away with.

All in all a fun day with great company!

Sunday 06/03/2011. Back home  and a quiet peaceful day of not doing a great deal, though we did do a photograph for our Picture a Week project which we thought was a reasonable effort. It is the cottage at the gate of the Madresfield estate.

Picture of The Week - 9  Gate Cottage Madresfield

The day was spoiled however by Liverpool beating Man United 3-1 in the league, so let’s move on shall we?

Monday 07/03/2011, Tuesday 08/03/2011, Wednesday 09/03/2011. Work days and me working normal hours and feeling just fine. It is an odd time indeed. I feel really well, really healthy and yet there  is a battle raging inside my body, while I just play a waiting game, getting my full strength back and waiting for my body to be ready for the next set of scans!

Speak soon bye for now! xx


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