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Life Blog – Days 213 -221 The Waiting Game

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 22-24 February 2011. Work on Monday and then Tuesday I wake to utter exhaustion. Quite simply I had these three days off work and it just wasn’t a lot of laughs, I was just too tired to do anything except sleep and wallow about. Six sessions of Chemo over twelve weeks had built up and these few days were days of utter exhaustion. Still onwards and upwards.


Friday 25/02/2011. The corner was turned, I woke with a bit of energy so went to work and managed it till about three by which time I was struggling a bit. However, it was just hard work on top of a weak body and after a rest at home I was ok. The Twilight nurses rang and asked if I could go early for the flush and change of plaster on my Hickman line and this suited me fine so I went straight away. This cleared the decks for the evening and we had a big shop to do. I don’y normally get involved in all this complicated stuff but for a change we went together. This meant a special treat as the first stop was the chippy for a fish supper which we ate in the back of the Clubman bang in the middle of Barnard’s Green. It was lovely and we felt like a pair of daft teenagers. It’s amazing how many MINI owneres are real control freaks and ban food in their cars but for us it is a mobile living room and there to be used, abused and have fun in and the fish, chips, sausage and peas were yummy.


It is always best to do a food shop on a full tummy so next we hit Waitrose and I did my best to help Peanut with the foodshop. To be honest I got quite into it until the solid floors started to draw on my feet and make me tired. Anyway we had got the Crunchie Dairy Milk and a box of Maltesers so that was the main thing!


Saturday 26/02/2011. We got up early and I took Peanut to work, so that when I picked her up later we could go straight out. However, first, Part One of the rebirth of Beastie. It was fourteen weeks since my last haircut so one was long overdue. 9 am then, saw me at Archangels for a cut blow and a mega wallop of gay boy highlights to cheer me up. It gave me a shock when he was parting my hair as he cut it to see how thin it had gone, but it doesn’t show on the final result and that should thicken up again over the coming weeks!


The afternoon was a bit dull because Peanut was at work, but I went to see her in work at Six which was fun as we had a chat and natter while she worked and then at 7.30 when she finished we went straight off for the Yam MINI Pub meet at the Waggon and Horses in Wombourne. It was a really fun night and the food is really good for the money. Peanut loved not having to cook and I just loved eating! Nothing fancy and bearing in mind we had sat in our Clubbie the night before eating fish and chips it was a poor choice from me but so what I loved the fish, chips and mushy peas! Peanut meanwhile had gammon, egg and chips. Furthermore as it came from the lite bite menu we had room for dessert. We did a smashing move here, Peanut had a white chocolate Mousse with red fruits and I had toffee profiterole cheesecake. We halved each one and shared and it made for a gorgeous dessert!


A Poncy haircut and great company on Saturday night made this a great day.


Sunday 27/02/2011. On Sunday we caught up with our friends, Rose, John and their daughter Sophie. We hadn’t seen them for a month or so and it was fun catching up. We went over to their place over in Gloucestershire and from there went to a Harvester for lunch. The free salads served as a starter and I enjoyed  a gammon steak with chips, egg and pineapple and Peanut opted for a burger.


After lunch it was back to Rose and John’s for a coffee and a natter. We hatched a plan for our next get together, a visit to the antiques centre in Gloucester and lunch in the town too and then back to theirs to revisit the fortunes of Fred and Bert our Eggheads. To be honest they have been neglected since I declared war on The Big C but now it is time to have a catch up, so next month they will be back with a vengeance and no doubt a mission to boot!

Sunday night saw Peanut once more in work and this left me no alternative but to watch yet another episode of the incredibly average Outcasts on BBC. Even the BBC have moved it from prime time Monday night to half ten on a Sunday night, but I can see that I will have to see this series through! Mind you I did miss a bit of this as I kept falling asleep!


All in all then a great weekend playing out with me feeling stronger each day.


Monday 28/02/2011. After a fun weekend like that I had to go to work and I did a good job of it, though by 4 I was shattered. It is harder than playing but I felt pleased with my efforts and did a full day. Once home though I was shattered so took it easy for the evening.


Tuesday 01/03/2011. Work again and an evening tormenting myself listening to Manchester United lose 2:1 to Chelsea. Aaaaaaaaaaaagh! Tuesday then was not a thrilling day.


Wednesday 02/03/2011. Deep joy the day began with a check up and polish at the dentist! To be honest it was much needed as for some reason the chemo had played havoc with my teeth so they really did need a clean and polish. It really does affect every part of you. Take my cuticles for instance: now when I look at them my nails have thin curved bands on them, 6 to be exact one for each chemo treatment. It seems the nails stop growing for a bit then start again, leaving these dating rings a bit like in a tree!


That then  has been the last 9 days. Fun in parts, ordinary mostly and all part of the waiting game as we wait to hear about hospital appointments for scans and consultations. The longer it goes without me hearing anything the twitchier I will get. Yet at the same time, hearing means learning more about the plans leading up to the biggest battle so far in this campaign against the Big C. It is a battle that has to be fought but like all big battles it has high stakes and to be honest it will get scary when it looms closer.


Peanut meanwhile will be doing her bit in this fight. She will be attacking the Big C from the skies as she embarks on a Skydive in aid of Cancer Research UK. She will be doing this on the the 7th May 2011, so if you haven’t made a donation yet click this button now!



Anyway that’s all for now so have fun, I know we shall be and happy donating!


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