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Life Blog – Days 210 – 212 Wow What a Gift

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Saturday  19/02/2011. I think the steroids seem to impact more than the chemo in the first few days. I have to take some steroids for 3 days afterwards and one effect is that they stop me sleeping. This means I am wide awake at 4 in the morning but then zonked by the evening.

Anyway first job on Saturday was a flush for the Hickman line and have the chemo disconnected for the final time! This was done about twelve and then we came home to tidy the house a bit as  Amelia and Carl had decided to visit us. I was well chuffed that they were comng but at the same time, I realised I was very very tired this time round.

Amelia came bearing gifts so after I had watched the drivel that was mancgester United scraping victory over Crawley Town she presented me with an early birthday present. It was a canvas she had made herself consisting of a clock surrounded by old watch parts meticulously glued to the canvas. I was specchless it is quite simply a magnificent present which must have taken an absolute age to make and I was very humbled by this wonderful early birthday present.

Picture of The Week 7 - Time Pieces

The evening was fun as we all decided that we would definitely go to Spa in Belgium to watch the F1 at the end of August. Campsites were found and a plan was hatched, now all we need is a bit of cash to book it. The deal though is done and that is where we are headed. Carl and Amelia will just do Spa but we will carry on and make a longer holiday of it in France. The prospect of Spa and a European tour in the soft top Opel GT is a treat that will keep me going in the dark moments when I worry about the liver operation I am facing.


Sunday 20/02/2011. We had hoped to do a MINI Run with NewMINISeverns visiting the Cheddar Gorge and the pier at Weston-Super-Mare but it was just too soon after my final chemo and I did not have the energy to sit in the car all that time. A shame as I think we missed a great breakfast and a great run.

Instead I spent the day slowly getting more and more tired though we did have the company of Carl and Amelia for much of the day, before they took their leave mid afternoon. Meanwhile I followed the Twitter tweats about the Cheddar Cheesy Run, pleased that it was a good one but frustrated that I wasn’t up to doing it!

Monday 21/02/2011. Work. Well work went ok and I got through a fair bit but by 4 o’clock the legs had turned to jelly and I was just whacked, so an early bath for me followed by a few hours lying on the sofa! Another episode of the drivel that is Outcasts beckoned. You know how it is, once you start with these things you have to see them through but to be honest it is not brilliant and already the BBC have moved it to Sunday at 10.25! Falling asleep while it was on, I am sure I didn’t miss much!

As the night wore on I did get very tired but my thinking head came on and I started to wonder about Facebook and Twitter. They are fascinating elements of this ‘ere social media thingy and I do enjoy them a lot. Before they existed it was forums and well yes the forums are still there but in truth Facebook is the world. People barely step outside of it, if you want to share something with the world it has to go on Twitter or Facebook and inevitably any feedback is made on Facebook or Twitter, never at source.  It seems to me that we lose as much as we gain from these monsters of the social world.

However, worse than this; why do very articulate and expressive people whom I follow seem to resort to swearing, fffing and blinding or worse, publicly (for want of a better way of putting it), “slagging off” their wives, husbands or loved ones? Some of the things they say, I would not ever, ever want to say to another human being even in the privacy of my own home and to do so on the likes of Twitter or Facebook…  Quite simply if I did that my wife would not be my wife. Similarly, why the need to “f and blind” at all, why not make the point with dignity? Perhaps I am so very, very old fashioned but it seems to me that an articulate and swear free point of view gets my attention and has far more impact than what I can only call the “Drama Queen” approach. Don’t get me wrong, I hail from the University of Double Standards and have a healthy amount of swear words in my vocabulary, but it is not nice seeing them written down!

Anyway the purpose of my rant, if there neeed be one, is to replace these words for a while with some fantastic old words that we never use, so let’s hear a rant that begins, “Golly, you’ll never guess…” and let’s have a few “boundahs”, a few gratuitous uses of the word “bally” and any other glorious word that you might encounter in the pages of a Biggles book or a Poirot movie!

Rant over so a trip down Memory Lane, to the days before Facebook taught us all to swear on line, to a time when  going on a MINI Run was fun and exciting, an adventure, a Heartbeat episode almost, or a Famous Five Enid Blyton adventure. I am thinking back to our first ever MINI Run which for us was The Peaks Run in 2003, where we met for the first time the likes of Poppet and Dora, Mini Cruiser and other famous faces from the MINI community… and God it was all so very very exciting!

Have fun goodnight and PS I do not want a single comment about ranting about swearing and then taking the Lord’s name in vain. thank you! :)


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