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Life Blog – Days 205 – 209 The Final Chemo Session

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Monday 14/02/2011. Valentine’s Day. In truth it was our quietest Valentine’s Day on record and it seems to me that it was pretty similar for most people. Perhaps it was the combination of falling on a Monday and the economic downturn but most people I talked to didn’t do much. We stayed in had a small glass of wine and a lovely home cooked meal and topped it off watching another episode of the doom and gloom that is called Outcasts! Perfect Valentine’s night TV. So there you are, a day’s work for both of us and a nice meal at home.

Tuesday 15/02/2011. Today I had a pre chemo assessment and after the drawn out affair of the last one we wised up and made a lunch time appointment. This meant I could work a half day and then go off for the assessment. Half twelve the appointment and we got away at three thirty. To be fair it was a longer consultation as they had to put in motion arrangements for my CT scan, my MRI scan and my next consultion with the Chemo Gurru in six weeks time. And we ended the night watching another episode of the doom and gloom that is called Outcasts!

Wednesday 16/02/2011. Another full day at work for both of us and a quiet night in  for the evening was our simple and unreportable but enjoyable Wednesday!

Thursday 17/02/2011. Today was my final Chemo day. We got to the hospital at nine o’clock and after a short wait we took a seat in the chemo lounge. However, when they came to flush the line and draw some blood from the Hickman line none was forthcoming so I had the drama of having to have an x-ray to ensure the Hickman line was still positioned correctly in my chest. This was done very quickly indeed and delayed things only by about an hour. All was well and the chemo went ahead. Phew it would have been a bummer if it hadn’t have worked and I did not get my last chemo. Eventually we got away about half past two and I felt in pretty good shape as this time I am not suffering a cold, or flu or a sore throat. Yay the last one under my belt!

I have an eight week lull now before presumably the next stage which will be the liver operation itself. In that time I will have an MRI scan, a CT scan, a consultation with the chemo gurru (after 6 weeks) and the Hickman line removed, as well as a weekly flush of the line while it is still in place. Rather than waste this 6 weeks we are looking at ways of pouring wine directly into the Hickman line, to get it into my blood quicker than just drinking it. We will let you know if we have any success in that department! A restful evening after the chemo saw me fit and well for work the next day.

Friday 18/02/2011. Work. Wow I think they missed me Thursday as unfortunately another member of our department was off too, so the work was well and truly waiting for me when I got in. Busy then all day long and I went home at the end of a full day pleased with what I had achieved.

This brought us to Friday night my favourite night of the week. The night to talk nonsense, the night to plan and dream. Our friend Ray sowed a seed by saying on Facebook that he was thinking of going to Spa in Belgium to watch the Grand Prix now that MINI had cancelled MINI United 2011 in the South of France, to the disgust of thousands of MINI fans who had been getting excited about it. I really think a few MINI heads should roll over that as it is a massive public shooting of their own foot so to speak. I believe Ray is going to sell his Clubman and buy into another brand he is so disgusted!

Anyway Seed Sown and we will be going to Spa now instead of MINI United! Need to save for the watch for the occasion then, The CWL C70 Ascari, commemorating Ascari’s victory at the first ever Belgian Grand Prix in 1925!



Meanwhile with all this excitement the chemo had kicked in again and after a hard day at work, I was feeling very very tired, so a lazy weekend will beckon.

It is not a time for a trip down Memory Lane as we have been looking ahead to a future beyond the big liver operation, hoping that the liver operation is a hiccup and play can resume afterwards. So quite simply watch this Introduction to the Australian Grand Prix from the BBC and share a dream of ours for later in the year. I think our Opel GT will enjoy this adventure as we will finish it off with a run down to the South of France after Spa! The BBC by the way rightly won an award for this intro!

Good day and happy planning and dreaming!


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