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Life Blog – Days 201 – 204 Exhaustion and Alfie’s First Night Out

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Wednesday 09/02/2011. I awoke tired again but showered with Mrs P to see if that revived me. It didn’t and another day off work beckoned. This exhaustion is not fun. Going to work is important, it means all is well, all is normal and to be so physically shattered that I can’t go to work is phychologically not good. More importantly it meant that it was a day off work that I could not do anything useful with!

Thursday 10/02/2011. Oh dear just a repeat of Wednesday and to be honest this was getting me down. On the bright side it did mean that the newest member of our household Alfie Bertie was getting lots of company and attention. He was definitely beginning to feel at home.

Friday 11/02/2011. Yay I awoke feeling like a new man. No I don’t mean I had turned gay overnight silly, I mean the exhaustion had gone almost as fast as it had appeared.. Work beckoned then and it was so nice the way everyone at work made me feel like they were so glad to see me back. The support from work during this campaign has been immense and quite simply a massive positive influence on the whole campaign we are waging against the Big C. This blog helps too and the feedback I get is another massive positive.

A good day’s work was duly done and it was home for fish and chips and a glass of wine. How odd is this chemo? On Thursday I never had the energy to walk to my local garage for a bag of sugar, on Friday I’m back at work and looking forward to a fish supper and a glass of wine. The other big thing on Friday is that Friday night is philosophy night, the night we save the world for another week.

However, this week the philosophy was interrupted as we had to nip to the Malvern Community Hospital to  have my Hickman line flushed and cleaned. So fingers crossed the world wont fall apart just yet as we failed to sort it all out for you. We will redouble our efforts next Friday and fine tune our  Beastie Society which we believe should replace  Cameron’s ailing Big Society!

Saturday 12/02/2011. Saturday was a real fun day. Our pals Hayley and Mike came round bringing along a rather wicked BMW E60 M5. They were round for the day turning up at eleven and we had a mission. Hayley has glorious red hair and I’d asked if I could take some pictures of her modelling some watches and  naturally we had to review Mike’s M5 as well. We had great fun doing both and this shot will appear in our next edition of our watch magazine BeastWatch!


With the shots of Hayley done lunch beckoned and Lady Peanut excelled herself with some seriously delicious chicken filled enchiladas baked with a topping of spiced tomatoes and cheese, accompanied by  some kettle crisps and garlic bread. It was a delicious lunch and one to be repeated that’s for sure.

After lunch we did the watch shots and then headed off for a blast and photo shoot with the M5. I have to say it is an awesome car and our review of the M5  is well worth a read even if I do say so myself. A stunning car rammed with technology and the bit that I loved was The Heads Up Display ( HUD) which projected your speed, revs and gear onto the windscreen fighter pilot style.  A fantastic and needed bit of kit on such a fast car.

Hmmm I’m poorly right? Well I’m not so sure when I’m having this much fun. It felt like we were back in the “fast lane” after too too long being stuck on the hard shoulder!

Meanwhile, Saturday was a big day for our Alfie Bertie. We allowed him out for the first time and he quickly mastered the cat flap. All went well throughout the day and we were so pleased that we said he could go out for the nightime too. Hmm a mistake perhaps. Like so many teenagers let off the leash and given a bit of freedom he abused it. We are guessing he went out on the razzle drank too much and ended up clubbing it in some low rent pussy parlour somewhere. It looks like he fell off the pavement staggering home in the small hours and twisted his ankle. He dragged himself home and we found him nestled in our landing curtains at about seven thirty in the morning looking very sorry for himself, bedraggled, dehydrated and well a bit hungover.  He never rose from his pit for about six hours when he limped into the bedroom to crash there for the next six hours. He was too shattered to even come and watch Revolver with us in the evening, which was a shame because he could have explained it to us! Peanut shall be speaking to him when he is sober and in a more receptive mood for the telling off he is due!

Sunday 13/02/2011. Sunday was a bit of an anti-climax after the glamour of Saturday. Peanut was in work from 9 till she got home at 8 in the evening and as mentioned Alfie Bertie just spent the day hungover from the night before! So I just spent much of the day playing on the Mac, processsing the pictures from the previous day and writing up the review of Mike’s M5. You can take a peek at some of the pictures here!

A quick meal of pizza, jacket potatoes and coleslaw was the evening menu and we finished the night off as said, watching Guy Ritchie’s Revolver starring Jason Statham. We enjoyed the film a lot even if our simple souls did not really understand it!

Quite a long blog so I will spare you a trip down Memory Lane until our next blog. Good night, take care and learn from Alfie and take it easy next time you are out on the razz! xx


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