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Life Blog – Days 197 – 198 The Watch Weekend

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Saturday 06/02/2011. Peanut was working Saturday morning so my job was house tidying and keeping the peace between Ola and Alfie. I just about manged to perform my duties and then at twelve thirty I met  Peanut at the Malvern Community Hospital while they flushed my Hickman line and disconnected the baby bottle of chemotherapy from my line. I always feel less Borg and more Human once they have done this. Then it was back home for an egg and bacon sandwich before our friends Dealmaker and StarGirl turned up to spend the day with us.

During the week a new watch turned up for me, which I had treated myself to as a reward for enduring the joys of chemotherapy. Without doubt the arrival of Alfie our new cat, completely overshadowed this treat for me and no problems with that, as Alfie is brilliant. His other name by the way, is Bertie, much in the way that sometimes I am Beastie and sometimes Ady, or sometimes  (very, very rarely mind) Peanut is Chrissie; once I heard her called Christine which I believe is also her name but I have only ever heard her Mum use that one. So anyway, yes Alfie Bertie, definitley put my watch purchase well in the shadows.

However, time to now show it off for a minute; it is a stunning Christopher Ward watch called a C70DBR1 and it is limited to just 500 pieces. My mates RVW and Dealmaker already have one and, Dealmaker brought his along when he came round. Pictures were duly done.


Sorry to go on but I am so chuffed with this watch, which to me looks just fantastic and it is a watch commemorating the victory of the Aston Martin DBR1 at Le Mans. My dream now would be to wear this at Le Mans one year. I also like being in a small club of owners having this watch and somehow having a couple of mates have the same watch makes it even more special!

In a vain attempt not to spend the whole time talking watches with Dealmaker and StarGirl, we popped into Malvern a little after they arrived to give them the quick tour of the town and to pick up a few last minute essentials for dinner that evening (er… wine mainly). When we go to the pictures or the theatre in Malvern (the same building) we nearly always park  by the Registry Office where we got married and walk through the Winter Gardens to the Theatre. It really is a beautiful way to walk to the theatre and I think few people enjoy such a beautifuly located cinema.

Day 143/365 Malvern Theatre

We took Dealmaker and StarGirl this way on our quick tour of the town – indeed pretty much the same tour as we gave my cousin Lorraine a few weeks back when she came down for a visit.

Back home and dinner was a pasta / pizza Peanut combo with chips to boot followed by a homemade chocolate pudding brought by Dealmaker and StarGirl. I have to say this was/is a gorgeous chocolate pud and simple gigantic to boot, we have now had some Sat, Sun and Monday night and there are still a few days left in it! Yum yum and I’m a happy chocolate bellied bunny!

By eleven I was simply flaked out and just could not keep my eyes open so bed it was for me. This has been the major symptom of Chemo 5, utter, utter tiredness and a strong loss of taste.

Sunday 06/02/2011. We were up early as Peanut was working the day, so after getting P off to work I was left as host to Dealmaker and StarGIrl. Ermm, no cooked breakfast there then, but I did turn out a mean bit of toast for us all, with a few weetabix thrown in. Then it was time to play taking pictures of our watches which we duly did to death for the rest of the morning. All good fun though and it does keep us boys out of mischief!

In the afternoon. Dealmaker and StarGirl escaped to Ludlow for a wander around, while I chilled and dozed for the rest of the afternoon until Peanut came home at about 8. We had a quiet Sunday evening and an early night to charge up the batteries ready for work Monday.

All in all then a very enjoyable weekend with not too many chemo side effects to deal with – though the hiccups did appear here and there! :)

Time to say tara then and once more let’s have a look down Memory Lane. Spending the weekend with Dealmaker and StarGirl, my mind went back to a French weekender Trip a gang of us did to Fort Sedan. On paper Dealmaker’s MINI One was the slowest car on the trip. In reality it always seemed the fastest – that man can certainly make his MINI shift. We did have some grins on that trip tearing about the French countryside! Anyway here is our little write up and some photos from a great weekend!



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