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Life Blog – Days 192- 196 the Arrival of Alfie and Chemo 5

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Monday 31/01/2011. A back to reality day as the fun of the weekend came to an end and it was back to to grind of work and that was Monday for you.

Tuesday 01/02/2011. Today was pre chemo assessment day which  went on a bit as my blood pressure was off so the whole thing dragged on a lot longer than usual. All was well in the end though but I missed the whole day off work, which was frustrating as I felt absolutely fine.

Wednesday 02/02/2011. A full work day again and then in the evening we went to the pictures to see The King’s Speech. This was a good move as I was preoccupied, nit with the Chemo the next day but with the knowledge that once the chemo was done we were off to collect our new pussy cat Alfie from the Worcester Animal Rescue Centre! Anyway, suffice to say that we agreed with just about the rest of the film and really enjoyed The King’s Speech and like so may films these days it brought a tear to my eye – I blame the chemo and all these colds I get making me a big softie. I have to say though that the previous film we saw was The Tourist with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie and while this was slaughtered by the critics we enjoyed it immensely as a light hearted movie and Philistines that we are we liked it just as much as The King’s Speech. Guess we are not destined to be film crtics then!

Thursday 03/02/2011. A big day – Chemo 5 and the arrival of Alfie!. We were at the hospital prompt at 9 and were shown straight into the communal chemo room. However things were slow to start as they were a bit short staffed on the ward  and I suspect at pharmacy too as the chemo took a while to arrive. The upshot was we did not get away until about 2 pm. I turned a bit green and then got some colour back, but the weather was milder so I didn’t get too many other symptoms. However, this tricked me into walking back to the car instead of waiting for Peanut to bring it round to the front of the hospital and in truth this did wipe me out a fair bit.

Still next stop collecting Alfie so no time to feel sorry for myself, this was too exciting. We got there aboout 20 to 3 and rushed through the paperwork so we could get on our way with him. He looked very handsome indeed, jet black with a white bib on his chest and a lovely shiny coat and gorgeous green eyes. We stopped briefly along the way to pick up a litter tray and some cat litter as we need to keep him in for a week or so while he gets used to his new home and his new friend Ola!


Well we got him home and then the fun began as he met Ola. they are evenly matched so spent a lot of time skirting around each other with their bellies close to the floor. Ola growled and he just hissed at no-one in particular. Not the best start but in time they will get used to each other I’m sure. Peanut left for work just after 4 so it was me, Alfie and Ola for the night! Well that kept me entertained I can tell you  and come bed time poor Ola was locked in the living room and kitchen so she could go out and in as she pleased and Alfie was left with the rest of the house to explore. There would be no fights in the middle of the night that’s for sure!

Friday 04/02/2011. Peanut had worked through the nigt so she was home all day to take care of the cats while I did a day’s work, still strapped to my chemo bottle. I must say I was doing ok and not sufferring too many chemo symptoms at all, helped by the milder weather which lessened the effects of the tingly toes and fingers. Also my infernal streamimg nose had finally abated. Bottom line though I couldn’t wait to come home to see how Alfie and Ola had got on.

He had been in the home for a few months so he is fairly timid and the two of them are still wary of each other but still no fights and slowly, slowly they are getting used to each other and Alfie is slowly getting more confident in his new surroundings.

Friday night then my favourite night and time for more nonsense chat around the dinner table. The emancipation of women through sky diving, is a working topic that directed our fun philosophical debate! Balnce in marriage is where it took us and all good fun it was – yep once ongain we successfully sorted the world out for another week so you can all relax till next Friday at least!

So that’s it Chemo 5 done, just a few hiccups kicking in form the steroids but otherwise quite an easy ride and just one more session to go on February 17th. Yep will be good to get the chemotherapy behind me, but then the attention will focus on the still to be done liver operation. Oooh er I’m afraid that will be a scary bit and will require me to be a brave Beastie!

Time to end now, and my Trip Down Memory Lane today is prompted by news this week that old MINI friends of ours, Stuart and Jane had their second baby this week Samuel! Huge congratulations both! This made me think  back to their wedding which we attended right at the start of a holiday we took in 2006 which took us once more to the South of France. I hope we can grab a week there post chemo before the Liver Op goes ahead but we shall see. Anyway, if nothing else Page 6 and 7 of this holiday diary are faintlly amusing!

Bye for now x


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