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Life Blog – Days 188 – 191 A Fun Weekend with RVW and Storm

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First, apologies for taking such a long time to blog but in truth we have been having a bit of fun just lately so the time to share is well over due.

Thursday 27/01/2011. The day after the funeral of Andy Venn, back to normality with a simple day back at work but with our minds very much full of thoughts from the previous moving day.

Friday 28/01/2011. The start of the weekend and to break the spell left from Andy Venn’s funeral RVW and Storm were over for the weekend. We had only seen them two days ago at Andy’s Funeral but now we had a weekend to fill with fun and boy this one was a cracker.

I have alluded to this often in the past, but Friday nights are my fave night of the week – school… er work is done with and the weekend beckons. Friday night is all about talking stuff and nonsense around the dinner table and although I say so myself I can talk stuff and nonsense with the best of them. However, a hair’s width behind me in this department is my good pal RVW, so a dinner with us pair at the table guaranteed nonsense as we spent the evening sorting the world out. On the brighter side Peanut made a simple home made cottage pie with baked beans which was delicious, but simple enough not to dominate the stuff and nonsense conversation. All in all then a great Friday night to start the weekend.

Saturday 29/01/2011. Saturday was quite a lazy day yet crammed with a lot of fun and agood  job got done that was  long overdue. First Lady Peanut dished up a full English fry up for the four of us and that is always a top way to start a Saturday. Then for the serious bit. Most of you will know we lost our beloved Murray cat before Christmas. After much pain and laboured breathing he took himself off to one of his favourite hidey holes to die heroically and in peace. We wanted to bury him in one of his beloved tanning spots but in truth the ground was frozen solid and halfway through this Chemo I did not have the strength to dig it. Yep you guessed it, poor Murray has been in the freezer waiting for the right time to be put to rest in the only right place for him. Even I think this is all a bit Pythonesque but there you go this is how it was. RVW was the good mate who dug his grave and hepled me to put him to rest peacefully. He was laid to rest looking out over his patch, guarding it in the way he always did.

Leak and potato soup as a light lunch and then off to see an unwanted cat at Worcester Animal Rescue which is betwen Worcester and Malvern. Now it might seem odd burying Murray and then rushing off to see another cat, but remember Murray has been gone since before Christmas and in the time that has passed, the house has been empty without him and although we have the gorgeous Ola, Murray is a hard act to follow and Ola seemed lost without a play mate. So the timing might seem odd but whatever, we were excited to go and see him. Here is the picture that was on  the WARC website that caught our eye.


To be honest the minute you decide to go and see a cat it’s a done deal, how can you go there look at him and then say,” nah he’s all right but we’ll leave it.” You can’t and nor could we, we looked, we loved, we were conquered and we reserved him. He was irrestible and I was so excited. However, we could not take him straighatway, we had to get a letter from the Vet’s to confirm we were suitable parents, and had to visit him again to bond with him. Fair enough a responsible WARC ensuring it found responsible homes for their cats.

After that it was home to see Man United victorious in the FA Cup on tele and then for the evening we went to the Italian Restaurant in Malvern – Ask. Malvern is getting very lively in the evenings these days I have to say. Ask was buzzing with people, the atmosphere was great and the food fine and dandy. None of us had starters, Storm had a salmon dish, RVW had a Chicken Risotto which looked lovely and will probably be what I order if I visit again. Peanut and myself had a Pizza Tropicale and Spaghetti Carbonara which we shared between us. It was very very nice. For dessert Storm had a very appealing Banoffee Pie, RVW had ice cream and I had a Honeycombed chocolate cheesecake which Peanut sampled. All delicious and a great way to end a fun day.

Sunday 30/01/2011. First today was my Mum’s birthday so happy Birthday Mum we were thinking of you!

We had asked RVW and Storm down so that they could join in with a MINISeverns pub meet which was today. We are in a few MINI clubs but we have been Severns members for a long long time and had a lot of fun through this club and today was another fun day. Basically we went to The Boat House Inn close to Bath and a huge turn out guaranteed a fun day as we met up with old friends and new. It was about an hour and a half drive away from our house and we left about eleven in the morning. However before that two more of our MINI friends Dealmaker and StarGirl came round. Dealmaker was armed with jump leads, as I had flattened the battery on the Opel leaving the interior light on. Thankfully they did the trick and we ran it to the petrol staion to charge it up and while there I exchanged an arm and three toes for some fuel!

The meal was a reasonanbly priced carvery at about £9.00 a head and no complaints about the food. I think they botched our booking a bit as some people stole one of our reserved tables and in truth I have a passionate dislike of carveries as I find them all a bit school dinnerish and anti social. People are always getting their food at different times, jumping up for seconds, piling their plates up too high, mixing beef with pork and so on and yes I am as guilty of this as anyone so I always feel too full. It doesn’t hep that the steroids I take to stop me feeling sick, mean I also eat like a horse, so an overly full plate of beef and pork was no problem for me to demolish. Before long it was about 4 and time to head back. A cuppa for RVW and Storm and then they had the long drive back to Lincolnshire – I didn’t envy them that but I like to think we gave them a fun weekend.

Time to end this blog for now, but not before we bring back a trip down Memory Lane. Having RVW and Storm here for the weekend reminded me of a super camping trip to Paris which RVW and Storm organised under the MINIseverns Banner. Called Cheap as Chips it was a bargain camping weekend  in Paris in late 2009 and indeed the weekend that Pixie and Scream51 got engaged at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Goodnight x


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