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Life Blog – Days 181/182 Chemo 4

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20/01/2011. Today was my fourth Chemo session. We had an early appointment but this just meant we were there a bit longer as we didn’t get started much sooner. Still the upshot was we were away a little after one. Basically it wasn’t bad at all. I went a little green for a short while and my biggest moan was that someone must have grabbed all the bourbon creams and I had to settle for a pour second jam rings, which meant crumbs everywhere. I made a comment on Facebook about this being proof of a crisis in the NHS and my mate RVW, albeit tongue in cheek, rightly pointed out that there I was enjoying my £1500 quid chemo cocktail courtesy of the NHS while moaning that there were no bourbon creams! He’s right of course and hey where else can you get a hit like that man – I mean those tingly toes and fingers are something else I can tell you! :)

We were both home for the afternoon but by now Peanut had caught the cold I had had so was feeling very poorly sick and spent the afternoon either asleep or in the bathroom! I too had a sleepy head and dozed or played on the tinternet. NCIS finished off our day

21/01/2011. A full day in work and it was a breeze and personally satisfying too as I got through a lot of work and got stuck into some training with one of the young apprentices and felt very pleased with what we got through today. A good day marred only by an outbreak of chemo hiccups which  remain with me as I right at 10 to six. It is so frustrating, they are relentless!

11.46pm. Friday night  is my favourite night as it starts the weekend and tonight was a good one. We went across to our neighbours Margaret and Bill for the evening and enjoyed a lovely meal starting with crisps and dips, followed by steak with turnips, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green beans, onions and potatoes and a pepper corn sauce. DElicious. This was followed by home made Treacle and ginger steam sponge with custard and homemade profiteroles with cream and warm chocolate sauce. This was indeed a 5* restaurant! We dined with their lovely daughters Kathryn and Claire and all the company was delightful. A really enjoyable Friday night so thanks muchly for your hospitality guys!

Time to love you and leave you but not before yet another trip down Memory Lane. I guess this is a bit of an indulgence from me as I really enjoy looking back so I hope you take a peek now and then too. With Peanut doing a sky dive for Cancer Research Uk later this year it got me thinking about some of the other crazy things we have done. Quad Biking being one and I can’t believe we have not done this since July 2007 as it was such a hoot. Here is what I said about it at the time.

“Sunday 1st July saw the Severns on their first Quad-biking outing. We had been warned that it would be muddy, not surprisingly since we had had the most torrential rain, and floods of epic proportions for the previous two weeks, but even driving down the potholed track to Reception didn’t quite prepare us for the parking area. We would have liked to have left our precious minis on the nice concrete but instead had to reverse into a mud pit! There were waterproof trousers and jackets for those that wanted them and helmets for everyone, and although Peanut found them all somewhat large (even though her trousers had only half a leg) she settled for a full red helmet which seemed to wobble on her head less than the rest. We listened to the rules, signed our lives away, had a brief introduction to the bikes and soon set off for our trek. The bikes were strange to steer and needed turning hard to respond, and the brakes…well, they worked, but the mud made it impossible to stop, so we sometimes bumped into the chap in front. After a slowish trek from the yard, we got up steam and started the fun over rough steep tracks, through woods, then across fields, up and around hills and through water. It was only with about 15 minutes to go that it started to rain and by then were we on our way back. In the end the mud made it more fun; on a hot, dry and dusty day I would think it would have seemed hard work. As it was, it was all tremendous fun and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely– so much so that the cry has already gone up for the next outing. The trip was rounded off by an excellent lunch in the Old Ferry Inn at Beachley, with panoramic views of the Severn and its bridge.”

And here is a photo Montage from the day!



So goodnight and sleep well. xx


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