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16/01/2011. Sunday was a fun day. Our friends Rose,John and their daughter Sophie came to see us and we went into Malvern for a Sunday lunch.

Wetherspoons have taken over The Foley Arms in the centre of town so we went there and spent a very pleasant few hours enjoying lunch. Me and Peanut had their Nachos starter to share, which was nice but honestly just get the small portion to share as the larger for two portion was huge! For the main course we both had braised shoulder of lamb while Rose and John had a steak each. Sophie ate every bit of her spaghetti bolognaise. A touch of red helped to wash it all down and I have to say we really enjoyed the afternoon in fun company!

The fun came to and end as Peanut went to work on Sunday evening. :(

17/01/2011. Monday morning and life felt very normal here, the same Monday morning blues as everyone else has who has to go to work after a great weekend. My voice was a lot better by now than it had been too – I could actually be heard on the telephone.

18/01/2011. Tuesday and first stop the hospital for some blood samples and a quick check over by the chemo doctors. All went well and they were very speedy so I got to work  way before lunch which was good! Meanwhile back at Beastie Folly things were brewing. Lady Peanut had been off all day on Monday and she had a long time to think about things. Our son-in-law Carl had just set up a website to encourage people to “Do Something Crazy” and on the back of that he had announced that his “Crazy Thing” was to do a sky jump in aid of Cancer Research UK. Peanut was really taken with the idea so decided that this was also going to be her “Crazy Thing” for 2011. She had thought long and hard, talked herself out of it, then realised that this was making her miserable, so came back to the idea with renewed vigour. So the upshot is she is committed and has set it all up and will jump sometime in May or June. My own take on this is ” Go for it Girl.” I like to think of myself as “an encourager”, it is not my style to stifle a person’s confidence, so fine by me but thank Heaven my personal battle excludes me from being eligible to jump! Being a partner of a loved one who has a health battle is very difficult. They feel helpless and frustrated as they can’t seem to do much to help. Of course that is nonsense as Peanut is frankly an amazing inspiration to me and helps me beyond belief. However, this will give her focus, it will fill her head over the next few months and allow her to feel like she is helping. In conclusion doing an insane Skydive will ensure Peanut’s sanity! I’m afraid then that some of you guys are going to have to donate sooner or later! :) You can find out about it here.

19/01/2011. Today has been a great day all round. The day for me revolved around work and two trips to the hospital. First trip was for an eye sight field test and all went well there and then late afternoon I had a consultation with the Bowel Man and this centred around the plan for post chemo and ultimately the liver operation. Basically he will co-ordinate between the liver team, the Chemo Gurru and himself and we were both encouraged by this! He then went on to say that he will also see me again in August as that will be one year after my bowel operation so he will check how that is all panning out. Now I’m not being morbid here but I took great delight in this and I couldn’t help but think ” Oh that’s good he obviously thinks I’m still going to be around by then!” Really trust me I have a very upbeat outlook on this battle, but with all the will in the world you get thoughts like that now and again.

Home and  minced beef hot pot followed by ice cream and … yes bramley apple sauce! This was nice because tomorrow is Chemo Four and trust me there will be no ice cream for a few days after that, the cold would set off the tingles like crazy! Peanut checked on her SkyDive and wow £ 95.00 donated after one day – we were well chuffed!

Pound notes have changed hands, that’s it no going back for Peanut now.

Memory Lane tonight is going back to MINI United 2009. I apologise as we went here once already, but MINI just confirmed the actual dates as 26 – 28 August so this has brought it to the front of our minds. WE told the consultant today that we wanted to go to this and hoped the operation would be done in good time and that we would see him in August but not if we were in France! This then is a rather enjoyable video of some of The Highlights of 2009 made by the MINI Team themselves!

Goodnight speak soon! xx


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