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Life Blog – Days 174 -176 Our Wedding Anniversary

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13/01/2011. Thursday was another day in work and it was hard going really. First thing I went to the Doctor’s as my throat was just so sore. The result; an old fashioned cough and sore throat. The chemo means I don’t fight it as well as I should but it is not the chemo directly causing it. All I know is it is without question the most painful sore throat I have had in 50 years on this planet.

Antibiotics were dispensed and an improvement was very quick in coming with the pain being the first thing to get better. Thursday then. Yes I made it into work but I finished a bit early as I was shattered. When I got home I rallied a bit after zapping my throat with a bowl of weetabix but I was just so tired!

The next day was our wedding anniversary, so I took a few minutes to make Lady P a card on the computer. The printer barely has any ink and I did it on ordinary A4 paper folded into 4 and the end result was very Blue Peter circa 1968. I think this gave it a certain charm though. It’s funny how emotions get you but I found an old picture of us drinking champagne on Xmas Day at our place in Port Cogolin as the front cover for the card and added a few words inside and you know, I made myself cry doing that!


I’m not a one for tears, so odd that!

14/01/2010. Our wedding anniversary Yay! 5 years and to think  we got married because of a random conversation. We had been happy as a couple living together and the status quo seemed all fine and I said to P I’d marry her when I was 50! You wont you’ll marry me now was the instant retort, so we did and have never looked back. We are both so glad we did it then and didn’t leave it until now!

Anyway the day began well as I pulled out my card and gave it to P before we had even got out of bed. She loved it. Friday was going t be a good day! Work came and went with me feeling the best that I had felt all week and then it was back home where P had decided to try faggots with mash and marrow peas. First though we nipped to the community hospital to have my Hickman line flushed again. The nurse though was poorly so we had to reschedule for the next day. As we drove back through Malvern I spotted a few nice restaurants  and hatched a plan to have a meal out for a change. My mate RVW has copped for that invite as he is down in a fortnight.

Dinner then was a bit later than usual but this was nice in a way and we had a glass of wine with our faggots which meant that we had a lovely Friday night talking nonsense round the dinner table. Don’t ask what as wine was involved but it would have gone one of two ways, either I’d have sorted the whole world out – usually I can do this one in an hour, or I’d have bored Peanut to death talking about watches but because she would have had a drop of wine she would have had the resilience to listen lovingly to my nonsense! It was fabulous and I hope your Friday night was as much fun! :)

15/01/2011. Quarter to ten saw us back at the community hospital and I finally got the Hickman line flushed. In truth this was good as it had got us up and about early. We popped into Malvern ( anyone seen the new Co-op ad about the guy who wants his weekends back so he just pops into the Co-op now and then as need arises? Well P adopted that philosophy ages ago) and had a mooch around and then picked up some bits from the Co-op.

When we got home we had a Puritan moment and sought God’s love by doing a session of housework. Halfway through we realised that in truth we were really bad sinners, so spent an extra couple of hours recovering our dining chairs to further repent. By 6pm we were satisfied that once more we were welcome in the Kingdom of Heaven!

The voice is still gone, the anti biotics give me tummy cramps but hey if we can spend the afternoon playing at being upholsterers then I can’t be that bad.

Our reward for our Puritanism was more than just a passport to Heaven, there was an earthly reward too as Peanut cooked the Pork she had bought earlier on. Pork with mash, gravy and greens topped with lashings of bramley apple sauce. Very nice indeed though note Peanut did not have any apple sauce with her pork. For dessert she cooked two flavours of ice cream, a vanilla and a vanilla and chocolate mix and this looked yummy too. Then Peanut picked up the apple sauce and ladled a good few heaps onto her ice cream. Now I don’t know why but I found this bizarre and shocking and let her get on with it. She was loving it so I succumbed and decided to Do Something Crazy (more later) and follow suit. Well it was gorgeous, it reminded me of a yoghurt fruit corner when you mix the fruit with the yoghurt and I loved it. We’ll be stocking up on Bramley apple sauce or maybe even homemade as I noticed she had some baking “appuls” too!

Driverman ( my favourite Son-in-Law) has been getting itchy feet to do something crazy. Today’s trip down Memory Lane then is a simple memory. In 2008 we were on holiday with Driverman and The Elf in the South of France. We had spent the day in Cannes and driving out along the coast we spotted some parascending from a speedboat so we stopped the car and decided to have a go. It was ideal as the parachute catered for two at a time, so we all had a go. We loved it and thought it was great fun! Not really that crazy as it was a bit tame. Then The Elf and Driverman went up and the screams and terror that emanated from The Elf was staggering, she was terrified and hated it so maybe it was “doing something Crazy” afterall!

Cannes 2008

He has set up a website to encourage people to Do Something Crazy so take a look and sign his pledge, it might make 2011 a little different; I know, join us for a Go Kart race on the Côte d’Azur after MINI United 2011 that should be fun even if you do lose!

Catch ya later x


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