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Life Bog – Days 170-173 The Reality of Cancer

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09/01/2011. Sunday morning did indeed see us out and about for a walk and a few shots with the camera. Post our 365 project of 2010 we are a little lost on the camera front so we have determined to at least do a Picture of The Week instead. Doing a Picture a day has pros and cons, it teaches you how to use a camera better than anything else but the challenge of a Picture a Day means subject matter will at times be frankly dull. A Picture a Week then should showcase better pictures as there are less of them. This was our introduction photo  to the challenge. So if you are not up to a 365 project how about doing this to make sure you keep using that camera of yours!


Sun On Ice

The walk tired me quickly so it was home and television and Zen in the evening a new Detective series about an Italian detective. It works for me I quite enjoy it.

10/01/2010. A day back in work which I coped with quite well though by now I had developed a very bad sore throat and I was losing my voice. I kid you not I have had 27 jokes along the lines of ” Lost your voice?  That’s Good”! Well you will all pay when I get my voice back trust me.

And then Wham! Punch Smack. At home in the evening and we learn of the so sad news of the death of Andy Venn a vibrant young man who was a huge figure in the MINI Community.

“So its goodnight from him… and goodnight from me”  Andy’s partner and our good friend Elliott wrote these beautiful words to tell the world that Andy had left us. We, like all who knew this lovely couple, were numb and I can say no words that come close to meaning anything but Elliott has so beautifully said it all in his post.

11/01 and 12/01/2011. Let me leave a gap here, no Memory Lane Trips from me, no tales of silliness from my days just a few thoughts.

Peanut and myself went to see Andy when he was in The Royal Marsden and had a great day with Ell and Andy and we flatter ourselves that they got some fun from the day too. The reality though is that that one day is emblazoned on our minds forever, we came away somehow inspired and humbled by the courage, resilience, strength and gentlemanliness of two young men who have no right to such wisdom at such a young age – for that day we thank you both always!


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