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Life Blog – Days 168 / 169 Post Chemo 3

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07/01/2011. First day after Chemo 3 and I really feel pretty well. Managed a full day in work and some today finishing at a quarter to six instaed of quarter past 4 the normal Friday Finish time. Peanut was working in the evening and I was feeling good so no need to rush home.

I showed a few people in work my strap on chemo pack that was dripping into me throughout the day. I think they found it interesting as it all works very well sitting in a bum bag across my tum and looking quite discreet.

I got home to a Peanutless house so it was just me and Ola, who bless her is not as good company as our Murray cat was. Peanut had left me a an Iceland Mince hot pot – a quid all in and absolutely blooming lovely! Seven minutes in the micro, remove film and stir, 6 more minutes and stand for a minute, a heck of a lot easier than porridge I can tell you! :)

Peanut had also left me a huge slab of dairy milk and I was really touched, a real “Love is… ” moment and I spent the rest of the evening playing on the computer and enjoying my chocolate!

08/01/2011. I was up early and still feeling fine and I was up and showered before Peanut got home. We had some toast together and got stuck in fitting a plume extension kit to our new Condensing boiler. Job done now and blowing out in a much better location than before.

We just finished in time for me to get to the new and very plush Malvern Community Hospital where the District Nurse disconnected me from my chemo bottle and gave my Hickman line a flush and clean.

Back home for lunch where Peanut made a very simple beans and scrambled egg on toast, love this though thank God its’s not something I ever get served up for dinner – I love Mrs P’s evening meals! Peanut gave me a yoghurt for afters and then asked me where the chocolate was…

In my belly was not a good answer, I was supposed to save some for P, not eat a whole humongous slab of Dairy Milk all by myself in one night. My “Love is…” moment had a somewhat short lifespan! :(

Well as I write now it’s 6 o’clock, Peanut has had a little doze and is more refreshed and she loves me again, though she wouldn’t let me run to the garage to get her some chocolate!

I have added an Evernote on the Mac, to not eat the whole bar by myself next time! :)

I am realyy pleased to be feeling so well and chipper, so if tomorrow is a nice sunny morning I I hope to be up early camera in hand.

Anyway that’s all folks so let’s escape dowm Memory Lane again. I amd looking ahead with a positive attitude to the time when the liver operation is behind me and we can grab some European adventures. MINI United in the South of France, as I have said would be a dream for us to aim for. With this in my mind my thoughts went back to 2006 when we did a Monte Carlo or Bust Run wirh RVW and Storm, getting there via the incredibly imposing Millau Bridge. Share our adventure.

Goodnight x






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