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Life Blog – Days 162 – 166 Happy New Year

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02/01/2011. A lazy day rescued from the brink of wanton indulgence by a thorough cleaning of CooperBeast. I think we had forgotten how red he actually is – wow he looked stunning after a clean and why are cars always so much faster after a wash and polish? If at this point you are saying “poppycock”, trust me you need to sell your car and buy a proper one and humanise it so that you can talk to it, form a relationship with it, oh and give it a boy’s name otherwise you might end up married to your car! Once you truly understand that a car goes faster after a wash then you will be entitled to join the online car community on Pistonheads!  Once you have changed your car you will also be entitled to carry on using the word “poppycock” as that is just such a groovy word, I mean say it, go on say it out loud, it sounds luverly and in the pecking order of one word dismissals it sits at number two just behind “balderdash” which in truth is a much harder word to use successfully. Yep to celebrate Chemo 3 on Thursday I am going to make it my mission to say “poppycock” at least ten times in the day!

In the excitement of dishing out the Beastie Bifta Awards on New Years Day, I forgot to wish you all a happy New Year – so Happy New Year may it be Healthy, Happy and Prosperous! Also here is our final piccie from our epic Picture a Day 365 Project from 2010!


Day 365/365 Just The Two of Us


03/01/2011. A lazy day rescued from the brink of wanton indulgence by a thorough cleaning of ClubBeast. I think we had forgotten how pepper white he actually is – wow he looked stunning after a clean and why are cars always so much faster after a wash and polish? Haven’t I said all this already, ah yes the day before but different car, or has GroundHog Day come to Malvern? Peanut had to work in the evening so my last night before work I spent home alone – awww sad.:(

04/01/2011. Back to work day finally came today. However, work did not begin till 10.15 as first stop was the hospital to have my bloods taken and a pre – chemo check up with one of the consultants. They were very busy so they had no time for a nurse to take my blood via the Hickman line so they sent me to another department where they extracted it from my arm. This was a serious poo situation for me as they can never find a vein so I always come out battered and bruised from these ordeals. However, I need not have worried the nurse I got had clearly completed her training at the Vampire School and she extracted the blood painlessly and at the first attempt. Well done that Vampire!

The consultation afterwards was a bit of a formality and then I was free to embrace the joys of the first day back at school er… work. I was and still am, suffering with an awful sore throat but I think the discipline of getting up for work and indeed work itself actually helps me cope with it better than mopsing around at home feeling sorry for myself. Of course another big help is that my department is blessed with lots of lovely sexy girls and having them around makes the day fly quicker too! Thankfully I managed to fool Lady Peanut into marrying me though, as my latest chat up line, “Would you like to see my Hickman Line” is having as much success as when I said, ” Would you like to see my puppy dog” back in the seventies! Ah well it’s fun to know that even at 50 there are still many arts and crafts in life still to be learned!

The Big Boss Man (I like saying that because it’s the title of an ace Elvis song) and his wife Anne returned after the holiday in a new motor, a very upmarket Landrover Discovery! Well in no time I was all over it like a rash and got Anne to  show me it properly inside. I almost had my camera out so I could do a proper review of it for the iBeastie Motoring section but I managed to restrain myself – erm this is the boss’s motor after all. So here’s the abreviated review – what a stonkingly awesome bit of kit; a true King of The Road!

First day back at work then – a piece of cake. The real worrying bit is, I’m really enjoying it, but I guess that is all wrapped up in the psychology of normalising life in an abnormal situation ie the Fight for the Big Cure!

In the evening we watched Bond – Casino Royale. I’m into Bond at the moment! Many of you will have gathered that I am a bit of a Watchonista – sad perhaps but I love watches and I’m spending a bit of time just now looking at Bond watches right back to when Ian Fleming first created Bond. Anyway, this was an Omega Planet Ocean Bond – Daniel Craig – and my personal favourite Bond to date. We had previously seen this film at the pictures and we both actually enjoyed it even more second time around on the tele, a cracking film with a lot more substance to it than Bonds in the past. We recently also watched Jason Statham in Transporter 2 and that was a cracker too and check out his Panerai Luminor baby (girls, girls, no girls it’s his watch!) Between those two films and the Christmas Elvis CD my Mum gave me over Christmas, my alter ego is really taking a beating. I mean I meet someone, they don’t laugh at my joke and then my lip curls, I say “ah ha baby” – so far so good and then I just get confused, do I karate kick them ten times or just blow their head off with my Walter PPK? Hmmm perhaps being confused is no bad thing – anyway off to sort out my alter ego – I’m going to sing The Wonder of You to Peanut, God help us!

05/01/2011. Nothing much to report here, Day two of work and a full day this time. Not just a full day but a busy busy full day and I went home satisfied that I had kept my corner ticking along just fine. I actually stayed till 18.30 getting a few bits finished, knowing I would be off the next day. No-one wants to stop over at work but the most pleasing thing was I could actually do that! In truth one of the things you get while having chemo is that you just get tired, and up to now I have always  been bushed  by the time normal close of play comes at 17.15, so to have that much energy was very satisying! Bring on Chemo 3 baby! Oh poo that’s on Thursday!

Peanut is at the hub of my Epicurean World and on Tuesday night we had her home made cottage pie with a nice glass of red sauvignon from a bottle which I brought home from work having won it in a raffle before Christmas. Wednseday night was chicken pasta bake with crushed nachos on top (God that sounds painful but no Peanut did not emasculate me after my Wonder of You rendition, they are sort of crisps right)! Once more this was Peanut food in real Craig Revell Horwood FAB – U- LOUS territory! We finished off the bottle of red with this. Yes I know it doesn’t sound right does it with a chicken pasta bake? Well let me tell you this wasn’t just any pasta bake this was a full bodied manly with crushed nachos on top kind of a bake and trust me the red worked a treat with it and anyway the point is after the meal Peanut wanted to snog me so of course the red went fine with the meal ok! :)

Time to say tara ( Scouse for “au revoir” ( French for “see you again”)). I got lost there not sure if that was a sentence or an Excel equation! Anyway time to say tara but first as always a trip down Memory Lane. It ought to be a look at The Malverns Run Trailer video as we have been talking about Alter Egos, I mean Ray and Chris in this video were positively wearing their Alter egos, but we can’t as we have had that already. So instead make do with a look at a day out we had in 2010 at NEW MINI Day at Wickstead Park near Kettering – a lovely day out with friends and MINIs, but in truth we watched the Italian Job as well over Christmas and this video has a bit of Matt Munro too! Pure class!

Tara x




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