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Life Blog – Day 167 Chemo and the Emergence of Lume Man

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06/01/2011. Today was all about the third chemo session. We were there promptly at 09.30 Chopard time and waited about till a little after ten when they got round to us. It all went very smoothly, a line flush,  a new dressing on the Hickman line, a dash of steroids a 2 hour infusion of chemo and a zap of anti sickness.

During the process I  definitely turn a very noticeable shade of green, which we will call the lume affect. Luckily by about fiveish this had mostly gone away. I haven’t been caught out by the tingly toes and feet but the Michael Jackson look with the white gloves has been helping on this one! As it stands now then it’s good to go re work in the morning.

When we got home another appointment was waiting for me from the surgeon who did my bowel operation this is for 17.20 on the 19th. I have a field test for my eyes at the hospital on the 19th at 11.30 so hopefully we can get that moved to the afternoon. The service from my bowel man has been first class, as he said he would be in touch during chemo and sure enough he has, so this is good. However, all these meetings always seem to throw up a new direction, or shock so we shall see what this one brings!

Mrs P has been a star today as always. As I type she is taking the trees down while enquiring about which drink  I would like. It has to be Ovaltine, what else would The Lume Man drink? Then when I was sat downstairs she was clambering all over the sofa in a little short skirt removing decorations from the top of the window and I thought it funny that mow we don’t do our Picture a Day 365 Project, photo opportunities seem to constantly present themselves. That’s it the camera definitely goes out with me tomorrow!

A movie tonight at nine and then bed for me. A very ordinary life then and one I would not swap for someone elses! Oh… going off at a tangent a chap in work recently got married to a lovely looking lass who also used to work with us and they kindly sent me a few of their wedding pictures. He spruced up well too, well I think he did, oh come on you know what I’m like – he must have looked Ok I guess. Anyway his wife looked stunning so I congratulated him, asked how they were, wished them well and said, ” Your wife looked absolutely stunning, gorgeous, in fact without question the third most beautiful bride I have ever seen.”

“Really” he beamed rightfully pleased.

“Without doubt,” I said, “and I married the other two!”

We both laughed and my alter ego added an extra couple of years to my life expectation content in the knowledge that I meant what I said! :)

My mind has been turned to Le Mans recently. We went in 2008 and I’d love to go back again this year. To be honest a real long shot with a major liver operartion lurking but you never know and you  seeking the Big Cure is like running a business, it needs goals, targets, strategies and trust me with have some great goals, some challenging targets and some darn right bizarre strategies. But yes we would love to go this year, so take a look at our memories from our 08 trip and share our dream a bit! Le Mans 2008

Goodnight sleep well x :)






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