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Life Blog – Days 158 -160 And so to New Year’s Eve

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29/12/2010. Wednesday morning and I awoke feeling very shaky, headache, the chemo munchies and a bottom full of gas. Peanut quickly began the process of damage limitation with porridge in bed. However after that it was up and about as Peanut was working today – her only day through the break! After Peanut had gone to work, I set about a few jobs in the house and hoovered downstairs, tidied the kitchen and generally made sure that the house was presentable for when Peanut returned in the evening.

The rest of the day for me was lazing about playing on tinternet and just feeling a tad sorry for myself not quite cooking on gas.

Peanut got home and her big treat for the day was not having to cook as we headed to the Waggon and Horses in Wombourne for the Yam MINI pub meet. There was a great turn out at the pub and we picked two meals from the fiver menu and I have to say it was great value for money. I had Pork steaks with mash and Peanut had lasagne and we couldn’t fault it. I managed to have a natter with most people there including one chap who has a Clubbie S. Guess what he has had to have a new clutch after 18 thousand miles as well and no they would not cover that on warranty either. I love MINI and I love our MINIs and will probably buy another MINI in the future, but you know it has to be said MINI do not deserve the business. Their attitude regarding clutches which are clearly not fit for purpose is simply appalling. Anyway, so I had to pay for a clutch on an 18 month old car with 18K on the clock and it makes me bitter, but I’m over it now, rant over!

The night was a great success and although I was still feeling ropey from my last chemo I coped well enough and loved being out chatting to folks. Two of our good friends were there too Dealmaker and Star Girl and Dealmaker was sporting his Christopher Ward C8 MKII. This is the second time I have seen this watch in the flesh and it  looks fantastic! :)


Christopher Ward C8 MK II


Anyway thanks YamMINI for a great night!

30/12/2010. Thursday had a bit of focus to it as I was up and about and had to go to the local Medical Centre so that the district nurses could flush my Hickman line and redress it. This all went very smoothly and afterwards we went into Barnards Green to do some food shopping. We came back and had a cold meat lunch with boiled ham, cheese, pickles, cranberries, stuffing, bread and butter and pringles – delicious! I then spent the afternoon playing and did nothing more useful than revamp my Wall of Want. Every man who calls himself a proper bloke should have one of these, it is quite simply an indispensible tool of Mandomness. After seeing the Christopher Ward C8 MKII last night you will perhaps notice it is now in Number One spot on my Wall of Want!



After amusing myself with this for some time we nipped to our local garage to finally collect ClubBeast who had been in to have his brakes fitted and ended up with new wheel bearings and a new alloy after the poor apprentice had the misfortune to bash one of the alloys. All’s well that ends well and he is as good as new once more and it feels good having him home again as he has been gone for quite a few days!

For the last two years we have undertaken a Project where we take a picture every day and if you like you can take a peek at this on our Project 365 Blog! Friday the 31st will be our final picture for this as we want to move on and try other photographic challenges in the year ahead, so today we have been giving some thought to what to do for our final picture. Accompanying each picture for the last year has been a “Groovy Word of The Day” and today we began to type up a list of all 365 Groovy Words. This has also involved looking back on the pictures and therefore the year itself which has been very interesting for us. However, there will be more on that in Lady Peanut’s New Year’s Day Beastcast on the 1st!

For now let’s leave Thursday as a day we devoted to looking back over the last year in the way we all do at this time of the year.

31/12/2010. New Year’s Eve and probably the quietest one on record for us. We have no plans whatsover, tonight will be tele, a little drinkiwinkie and a big snog but you know what, with that one snog, I have everything I need in my arms! Simples! :)

Later on we will do our final 365 picture and put that project to bed so for our Memory Lane journey today share our pictures from the year both on our 365 Blog and  here where you can see all 365 pictures on one page. Visit again tomorrow to see all the pictures including today’s!

May we both wish each and everyone of our family and friends, health, happiness and prosperity for 2011! :)


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