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Life Blog – Days 148 – 152 The Second Chemo

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19/12/2010. Sunday came and we both felt so much better than we had felt. It still did not stop us having a totally lazy morning in our pyjamas doing absolutely nothing of any worth! That’s a good morning sometimes though! The afternoon’s achievement was finishing off boxing in the boiler, so we both felt a bit more virtuous after that. And that was Sunday. :)

20/12/2010.  Yay! Back to work and feeling better still. However by mid afternoon the snow had started to fall again in earnest  so I felt it prudent to slope off at 4ish to make sure I got home. I had gone to work in the OPEL GT as our Clubman is still at the garage having his brakes done.  The fluffy wuffy front engined rear wheel drive Opel with 265hp to put down the minute you sneeze is frankly not brilliant in the snow! I almost got home but had to abandon it at the bottom of the hill near home. This doesn’t sound too bad but it’s half a mile from home up a 45 degree hill covered in 6 inches of snow. I got home at 5.30 but hey ho no worries I was home.

21/12/2010. For Tuesday I had to go to work in the OPEL again as still no Clubbie. On the plus side it was abandoned beyond the impossible hillly slope and all I needed was a bit of a push from a kind Samaritan to help me turn the car around.  Once I was pointed in the right direction – ie downhill – there was no stopping me and I got to work just fine. By now I was even becoming King of the Sideways Drift!

My working day was broken up with a lunch time visit to the consultant while they took some blood samples and gave me the once over  prior to my second chemo on Thursday. I was chauffered to and from work by Peanut which helped  me a lot. This is all part of our “Let’s Make Chemo Fun” campaign and her company was appreciated.

I have to say that these two days in work gave me a lot of job satisfaction as I kept my cog in the EXception PCB Empire turning nicely  and just kept on top of things. Now I’m not going to pretend I am a martyr to the Work Ethic, I couldn’t even pretend that one in Exception PCB but nonetheless going to work is a big psychological boost in the Battle for Chemo Supremacy and it helps me a lot. Also I guess the Methodist /  Puritan upbringing I had plays a big part in my attitude towards work too (wow, you get some odd effects with chemo – because I have just had my tongue pressed against the inside of my cheek for the last two minutes, it has really started tingling – most odd).

My journey home went a bit better than the night before and this time I got half way up a hill near home which meant I had to abandon the car just a quarter of a mile from home! Two of our mates, Michael and Jenna were coming around for dinner tonight, driving from Birmingham. Now I know we are a bit Billy No Mates and sometimes will go to extreme lengths to grab a mate but even I thought it was bit tight of Peanut to tell them that the roads were just fine and dandy! Anyway they made it here and as they are MINI mates probably looked at the whole event as just another MINI Adventure.

This was the night before pay day so Peanut prepared a special pre pay day kind of a meal. This consists of Peanut looking in the cupboards in a very Mother Hubbard kind of a way and seeing what she could come up with. Chicken Pasta Bake was the denoted official description and it was baked to perfection in the oven!  Craig Revel Horwood awarded a 10 declaring, “Gorgeous Darling!”

Pudding was even more interesting and Peanut explained it as follows.

“I wanted to make an appul crumble and I needed three appuls but only had two [to me and you these are apples but P sounds to have her own word for this]. I found a few old dates and some sultanas so added those in to pad it out.”

Result: “FAB _ U _ LOUS” 10 for taste, though Craig did qualify this by saying that it did rather look like eating a bowl of branston pickle covered in custard! Nonetheless it was yummy and I have put an order in for seconds!

Michael like me is a bit of  a Watchonista on the quiet and he had brought a few of his  finer pieces to show me after dinner. A pilot watch especially caught my eye and in the flesh it looked sensational. I had a gay half hour admiring Michael’s fine, manly wrists which modelled his piece so well. Michael made the point that it had taken him years of hard work to get his wrists like that. Oooh er Missus. Quietly I cursed my sheltered youth. To make matters worse I ended up with glasses anyway!

Now I am sure that Michael and Jenna got home safe and well, though I do concede we have had no texts or phone calls  and haven’t been able to detect any internet presence on Facebook or Twitter or any of the MINI forums, since Tuesday night. They will be fine…  fine wrist for a hitching a lift is that! :)

22/12/2010. Work in the Opel again and I just needed a push again to turn the car around and point it downhill and I was away. When I got to work though the car was not playing ball in the work car park and it took me twenty minutes just to abandon the car somewhere almost safe on the car park. Now in the past I have had many a good chuckle laughing at BMW and Merc owners coming unstuck in their rear wheel drive motors. Today, it was my turn to be the guy in the flashy red sportster getting hopelessly stuck in the ice and looking such a tit! I didn’t mind really though but rather saw it as my chance to give something back to the Pistonhead community by taking my turn to be Silly Billy of The Week!

The day also had a lot of plusses going for  it and in no particular order:

1. It was my Pay Day

2. I got two bottles of wine off work as a Xmas pressie

3. It was my Pay Day

4. It was Peanut’s Pay Day

5. It was my Pay Day

Home time came then on a wave of euphoria – I really was The Sideways Drift King and the Opel got me all the way to the front door just to top off a day full of plusses! I admit it too, in truth I kind of enjoyed the sideways drifting at every roundabout and bend in the road! :)

The previous evening, I had really complimented Peanut on her Pasta Bake and said how lovely the food was out of the oven. Now guys (do take note) a compliment really does go a long way, especially if you are a bloke like me and had to look the word Kitchen up in a dictionary to find out what it was and if in truth you just like someone to cook for you. Tonight Peanut cooked another of her specials from the oven – Chilli Mince with a Cheesy Wedge Topping! Craig wasn’t with us tonight this was a more intimate affair but on his behalf I gave the 10 and the well deserved ” FAB – U – LOUS!”

A lovely meal on the Eve of Chemo 2 was just more of the ” Let’s Make Chemo Fun” campaign!

Now if I see any derogatory comments on this blog along the lines of I’m a namby pamby, PC new man kind of a guy and I love to cook -I might delete them!

23/12/2010.” Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s Off To Chemo We Go, We Keep On Singing All Day Long, Hi Ho, Hi Ho.”

“Chemo, Chemo, Chemo Day, Chemo, Chemo.”

These are just two posibble working titles for our next forthcoming song to be released in January. It’s an exciting project.

We got to the party bang on time at 9.50 and within two minutes we were ushered into the main Party Room. Wallfloweres were allready lining the walls all hooked up to the drugs and having a good time.  In no time I too was hooked up and getting a glucose fix straight into the Hickman. This nurse was very keen to get the Christmas spirit  going and very quickly zapped me with some  anti sickness juice – again direct injection through the Hickman. By ten thirty the Grade A, Class 1 1500 quid a pop good stuff was going in and this party was rocking. I couldn’t believe how fast they can make these parties rock when they have a mind too.  11 o’clock and I had downed my first radio active mince pie, by now I was hankering to take my boots off to see if my toes were glowing but P stopped me – she could see where this might end!

Midday and  a few of Peanut’s home made chesse butties were downed. Again these were not just any cheese butties, oh no these were extra special limited edition special homage to builder’s butties across England sandwiches and they were double yummy! Or was I getting the munchies on these ‘ere drugs?

12.30 and we were good to go and we jumped over the parapet to seek out an escape committee that were waiting for us In Peanut’s Path Lab deep down in the hospital’s dungeon. Coincidentally, the escape committee were having an end of term Christmas Pizza Feast so we both snaffled up three wedges of Pizza and coleslaw to boot – yum yum. By now it was clear to me that yes I must have had the Munchies!

Soon enough and with a full tummy it was time to head for home. On the way we went through Hanley Swan and spotted that the pond had frozen over, so we stopped to grab a picture. I bounded out of the car and across the road and snapped away.  Very soon though it began.

First the feet went into tinglemania and started hopping inside my boots – I could imagine the toes flashing in time to the tingles. Then the face. Now, I was trying to explain this to my Mum on the Phone earlier.

“Mum you know  the hairs on your face where  your beard would be…”

“No, I don’t” and I think I’m glad we were on the phone else I might have got a smack!

Anyway at third attempt I explained that where my beard would be those hairs on my face inside my cheeks had apparently turned into icicles and were trying to escape out of my face. Ouch.

I retreated post haste to the car and Peanut finished off the shoot! So I really hope you like this photograph, I went through a lot of pain to get this!


Hanley Swan, Worcestershire

Next job was a blog catch up which, I promptly deleted just at the point where I added this picture. Damned shame as I was quite pleased with it, but instead I’m giving you the “Oh poo I have to write it all again version” as above. The chemo does make you a bit tired and the concentration drifts and it takes about 3 goes to fix the typos and spelling errors. I find that a bit frustrating but not to worry, it’s still better than a slap on a belly with a wet fish.

Time for a Sideways Drift along Memory Lane and this time take a look at Le Tour de Pyrennes 2009. This is a link to Major Scream’s Debriefing Report after the mission. Our Journey over the Pyrenness  and down into neutral Spain and then back again is one I will never forget, Epic weather, epic fun, epically rude waiters, epic roads and epic unbuilt roads! Forgive me if I have not made my point but it was epic!

Goodnight and wherever you are find the gall to raise a smile! :)


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